AfterEllen Top East-Asian Suggestions 2010

May 18, 2010 — 28 Comments

Okay, I took a WHOLE lot more time on getting names for this list, because apparently I am not knowledgeable enough in female actresses and well singers from Asia as I first though… also made their annual list of Hot 100 2010 [as well as Top Women of Color, Top Out Women, Top Women over 40], only they made it backwards, so I’m linking you to their last page, and you’re going to have to work your way backwards… Ovbiously, I thought AfterElton worked better because I took the time to look through it more than once to make sure I wasn’t missing anyone.

Tips for a better list for AfterEllen:

  • Start from #100
  • Point out with arrows who’s going up or down in positions, and who’s a new entry.

And really? No Asians on your list?

Not that I don’t appreciate the likes of Alicia Keys, Jennifer Beals, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, the girls from Glee (Cheerios plus Rachel, woah that’s bizarre xD), Meryl (who doesn’t need a last name), Rachel Weisz, Amanda Seyfried (even though the things that are coming out of her mouth lately), Christina Hendricks, Tina Fey, Penelope Cruz, Jodie Foster, Rachel McAdams, the whole cast of The L Word… right? Pink, Emily Blunt, Kate Winslet, Ellen Page, all whom often make appearances on this blog. And to top it with Olivia Wilde…

but then again… no Asians?

So me, barely scraping made a list of Top East-Asians that you might want to consider for future editions of your Hot 100. I would also offer a weekly/monthly (a la my AfterElton offer), but I don’t think I’m as knowledgeable in this area. I could try pimping Asian talents on a monthly basis if you want xD

Okay… once again, in no particular order.

1. Hyori Lee (31)

Okay, maybe you don’t know her per se, but I’m so sure she’s totally your cup of tea. Hyori is what Britney Spears would have been if she were a tough cookie. Because let me tell you, Hyori has a strong character, you can tell for the way her older male peers respect her. However, it isn’t just because she is hot as hell, because older people [just check her out on Family Outing] also think highly of her. I mean, there’s no compliment bigger in Asia when someone’s parents tell you you’d be the perfect girl for their son.

Hyori is independent, sassy, but also manages to be shy! [You may want to squeeze her] You would think her stage persona is what makes her shine as the sexy pop idol, but it’s actually her personality on shows like Family Outing, and her interviews wearing slacks and baggy clothes when she shines the most [FO Clip][Comedy Show Clip].

2. Maggie Cheung (45)

Maggie Cheung, in Hong Kong and China… and maybe some specific parts of Europe, is considered a screen legend already. She was probably last on American theaters when the film Ashes of Time Redux by Wong Kar-wai was re-released in 2008. She was also supposed to be on Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, but her scenes were deleted.

It is unlikely that her return to Chinese screens (she retired after winning Best Actress at Cannes in 2004) will be seen outside Asia, but in case you are wondering… it was a very big event among her fans to wait for the release of Hot Summer Days.

28 responses to AfterEllen Top East-Asian Suggestions 2010

  1. I have some more Korean girls for u if u want them….
    Yoona – SNSD (bare with me here, she is cute as hell and has a really pure image that is not nauseating)
    Gummy – I like me some MILFS!
    Eugene (former S.E.S)
    Kim Taehee (although I do not get why she is so damn popular)
    Hwang Bo (she is fierce as hell and so UNF)

    I could go on forever… I better stop! >_<

  2. girl, i just finished writing this LOL
    it took me hours! I’m so behind on other stuff now.

  3. This list is awesome! I’m putting together a list of 2010’s hottest women and I’m totally grabbing some of your suggestions for Hot Asians. The Maxim Hot 2010 list was completely skewed and no Asians were included there either. I wrote a whole article about it.
    Check it out!

    Thanks again!

  4. No Shu Qi (or Qi Shu, I have no idea)? Like SNL would say, really? It kills me just to look at her. :)

  5. I suspect only men younger than 35 (and if they are older… what is wrong with you, man?) take into account Maxim. To be honest, though, any list is bound to have people saying the list is missing “such”, but at least we are not boasting on a name. xD

    I guess
    The Maxim Hot 2010

    wouldn’t be as cool if it were called

    The Maxim Hot 2010:
    The 100 hottest white women, and then some on mainstream entertainment
    because we don’t ever watch foreign films because subtitles confuse us
    and distract us from looking at hot women on screen
    and we don’t watch foreign shows because we didn’t know the internet
    could be use to find hot women on shows that weren’t in English…
    and we don’t listen (or watch music videos on youtube) to foreign music,
    because we don’t understand what they’re singing about…
    how else would we know Katy Perry was singing about kissing a girl,
    if it weren’t in English.

    Marisol, I did considered adding Qi Shu (though Shu Qi has a nicer ring to it, but since most the audience is from the West, to avoid complications), but in the end I couldn’t because I wasn’t aware of any film or tv projects that would have put her on American screens in 2009, this year or next.

    I know she was on New York I Love You, but I mostly know her from her modelling for Kenzo, or in music videos. And I didn’t even add Ziyi Zhang to the list… mainly because everyone in the west know her, and I was trying to boast other talents.

  6. What can I say, I am ninja like that. U know I stalk your blog woman! Do not be so surprised!

    @Eryn-Ashlei Bailey: don’t forget the sexy Latin mamis, Indian goddesses and powerful black women! XD

  7. awww, Julz.
    you make me go all jumpy claps xD

  8. Great list, these girls are all stunning!

  9. About Zhao wei, she played a lesbian (or bisexual, it´s not shown whether her character´s into men) in the Hong Kong action movie So Close, her character flirted with, and at one point kisses, the policewoman investigating her. Incidentally the movie also stars Shu Qi, previously mentioned in the comments section.

  10. Oh, really?
    I didn’t know that.

    Always good to hear movie connections xD and 6 Degrees of Separation~~~

  11. OMG!! You’re so true!! I didn’t realise it if you didn’t mention it..There’s no Asian on the list!!!!
    Totally agree with you with Hyori, BoA and Gong Li!! They’re so hot!!! ;)
    I would like to add one, Rene Liu, the Taiwanese singer!! I lover her so much!!!!

  12. Just wondering do you know of any Asian celebrities that are gay?

  13. wenny, Rene Liu totally slipped my mind xD I recently heard her last album, and when I looked her up, I was surprised to find out she was on 20 30 40, which I guess readers of AfterEllen should watch, since it has a lesbian storyline storyline, right?.

    No, I’m not aware if anybig popular actor/singer is gay. At least it’s not something they talk about in interviews – since they don’t really talk about their private lives on shows, and I don’t read Asian celebrity gossip. But check this out about Japan according to Wiki. I know there are a few transgendered women or cross-dressing entertainers in Japan that I have even seen performing on NHK international, which is like the national channel.

    There’s people like Ai Haruna, Ayana Tsubaki, Aya Kamikawa, Ataru Nakamura, Akihiro Miwa who is often featured on shows in NHK acting and talking about the arts and beauty, Kenichi Mikawa who sings very often on the Japan’s Song show, and sometimes guests on the NHK singing contest.

    and Julz, Satomi Ishihara… was on Voice with Eita, right? And she was Yoshitsune’s “I miss my mommy” Love Interest. Aha! I knew it hahaha.

    And damn, how come Playboy France and Playboy Japan have classy photoshoots?

  14. Girl, I was asking the same question over at twitter. I prefer the classy over the tacky! (sorry jessica simpson)

    And to further answer (S)he’s question. Japan is a bit more tolerant when it comes to homosexuality. They do embrace it and they are oki with it as long as it is not to flamboyant. Mostly, homosexuality is looked upon as a form of entertainment. Although, an idol or an actor/actress does not have much to gain with coming out. They are hardly allowed to date as it is. Thing are the same all around in Asia, you find more hypocrisy in Korea though. They tend to play the homosexuality card a lot more (cross-dressing, innuendoes and flamboyant-ness) in the entertainment world but there is no way that they would accept a public figure as being homosexual. Which is quite sad and frustrating.

  15. And as a response to some AfterEllen comments…
    I know most of the users are probably American, this is why I tried to add people who had been on American theaters with a movie, or had the possibility of being broadcast in some channel. Of course, they would be foreign programs with subtitles, but they would be available in your country. Case and point, NHK’s period drama Atsuhime featuring Bonus #1 Aoi Miyazaki was broadcast on San Francisco’s KTSF, and maybe some other places.

    Look, I’m not French… yet I watch TV5 from time to time because it’s available in my country. I watch CNN and get info when I watch the Screening Room, and sometimes the interviews on Talk Asia. I watch American entertainment, as well as European flims/music, and Asian entertainment. If I had a middle-eastern friend who were willing to guide me through middle eastern entertainment, I’d be more than willing. By the way, Bollywood films are a guilty pleasure. LOL

    Anyway, the problem isn’t that users are American, but it seems like voting was based on what was most mainstream, which is a lot of white women in no-need-for-subtitling programming.

  16. And by the way, Nana (played on film by Mika Nakashima) is so totally gay, and she either doesn’t know it, or just pretends she isn’t. LOL

    Nana (the first movie) starred Nakashima and Bonus #1 Aoi Miyazaki, and if I remember correctly… they lip-locked in it. I remember, because my dad (who’s the coolest) was surprised.

    Nana 2 had Nakashima reprising her role as Nana, but Miyazaki was replaced by Yui Ichikawa. The film is a whole lot melodramatic, and Ichikawa lacks the Miyazaki charisma, but you also feel like Nana could be totally in love with her friend.

  17. Thanks for responding Julili.

  18. Por fin una lista donde no aparecen las SNSD y sobretodo Yoona, la peor de todas.
    PD: Horikita Maki es un ángel.

  19. Jajaja, has leido los comments?
    Julz sugirio SNSD y Yoona x’D

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