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We’re still being pumped for Haider [1][2] with an (short) interview Tabu is doing with Rajeev Masand about the apprehension of playing this part, her choosing the role, and how her ‘brand’ of acting is most often remembered for her seriousness. Though I still owe Hera Pheri a rewatch, I don’t think Biwi No. 1 classifies as one of Tabu’s movies, she’s hardly in it! I thought Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa was funnier, though Kelki Dave stole that movie out of everyone.

The funniest bit is, of course, when it’s pointed out that she refused Vishal’s offered with a “I’m not playing Shahid Kapoor’s mother,” while bursting out laughing.

She also admits that maybe she’s just lazy to pick films, so that’s something else she has in common with my Yu-chan fandom, apparently. That’s why there will be no other one quite like Joan Crawford. I’ve been re-connecting with Yu-chan, I’m having such fandom conflictive feelings.


Just been discovered!

Escape Plan (逃跑计划, Tiao Pao Ji Hua), aka. Perdel Band. Spotted on CNN Travel… as always [1]. Their Rock in China page isn’t up to date, but it’s always a good spot to start with. Besides their 2008 EP titled Take Me Away (带我离开), they released a full length album in early 2012 titled Earth (世界), which contains all the songs from their EP in more slick production, as well as a version of Zaijian Zaijian (再见再见) with lyrics instead of the instrumental piano.

From all the endless bands coming out of China, they seem to be a good substitute of Yuguo while I wait for their new album, which is supposed to come out this March (if I didn’t read wrong)

Sorry, no music embeds.

You can preview web shorter versions of their album on their Douban page or Weibo Music.

I haven’t watched CNN… for at least a month, since I’ve been focusing my news-watching on local news for politics, so I didn’t know A-Mei was going to be on Talk Asia… or I would have been flipping before.

I totally despise Anjali Rao, though.

Her face, her voice, the way she speaks irks me so much, it makes me want to punch her sometimes. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. LOL It’s one of those things when the aura of people rub you the wrong way.


A-Mei on Talk Asia~~~

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Okay, other than BBC (and every other channel) showing the Royal Wedding all freaking day long, it was pretty impossible not to know about it. Whether you love them or hate them.

It was pretty horrible with even CNN, which made me wonder if they were going to talk about the flavor of the wedding cake.


I dunno what the flavor was, though.

The Royal Wedding Cake

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Next Wednesday, TalkAsia will be interviewing Epik High.

In the meantime… you can enjoy past interviews that you may have missed:
AI [clip]
Buyi and the Beijing Rock Scene
Anna Tsuchiya
Lang Lang
Lee Byung-hun [clip]
Zhou Xun [clip]

Also! Heads up [at the bottom of their page]!
You can write to TalkAsia and request they interview someone.
Hello? Yu Aoi is waiting for TalkAsia xD and TalkAsia is waiting for our questions, I have decided to leave the questions opened until the end of April. =D

Excuse me as I’m totally biased.

Where’s Yu Aoi? xD

CNN Go [new brand?] has an article about 7 not-so-known Japanese actors outside of Japan. Obviously there’s the mention of everyone’s favorites like Ken Watanabe [who is like the go-to Japanese guy in Hollywood now], Rinko Kikuchi, Tadanobu Asano, Rie Miyazawa, and Koji Yakusho.

Of course, don’t forget Hiroyuki Sanada ;P

Some not so surprising choices, some… or I mean, I got surprised by one xD

The best choice? A mention for Ryo Kase…
and a cool mention of Sakura Ando. =D

Also… why 7? 7 is a weird number for a TopList. It’s like the writer couldn’t come up with 10 names, so he did 7. So… I wonder what 10 Japanese Actors not so known outside of Japan… or I mean, outside Asia would you choose?

I’ll comment on this later…

Here’s a few links for you…

Was anyone reminded of Christina Ricci on this TalkAsia interview? I was… LOL’ – But then again… my dad was reminded of Christina Ricci today when watching Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. He thought Bette Davis reminded him of Christina Ricci… so maybe, is it Remember Christina Ricci Day??

Anyway, here are the links…

Part 1 – Model Actress Singer
Part 2 – Breaking the Mold – LOL… no PURESHA~~~ xD
Part 3 – Facing the Future

Did anybody get the shivers from er… Anna’s skinniness? Just me?

I know, my sucky last post that begun as a notification of less buying, turned into reporting that Anna Tsuchiya will (or was) on this week’s TalkAsia. If my calculations were correct, it aired today at 8AM, when I wasn’t really up yet… so I’ll be catching it tomorrow at 8PM instead.

If I don’t get to catch it, I will try to see it online… just like I miss Jay Chou, I thought maybe some of you were looking for some missed editions… so I’m posting the TalkAsia with Jay Chou, Bi (Rain) and Lee-Hom Wang that I found…

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I will have to buckle up, and not buy movies and music. No money! Market’s are crashing… and keep on crashing, LOL’ All I can do is cross my finger so there’s a new job tomorrow. NE!?


Anna Tsuchiya will be on Talk Asia (CNN)~ LOL – Gosh! Who can understand me! Amy!!! Buckel up, NO MONEY!
Wednesday, Oct 8: 13.00
Thursday, Oct 9: 03.00 (I’ll be watching this on Thursday at 8pm)
Saturday, Oct 11: 14.30
Monday, Oct 13: 02.00

Last, last… last? Time, I missed Jay Chou… I ended up watching it on YouTube. But there’s nothing like catching it on TV…

Talk Asia should do one on Juri Ueno or Yu Aoi, non? HA!

SORRY for the topic change, blame the commercial on TV.

It doesn’t mean Chinese (or Asians in general) should look older than they are.

Yes, I’m looking at you, CNN commentators~~~

Just because an American 16-year-old can look like a 21-year-old, doesn’t mean that a 19-year-old Chinese girl can’t look like a 14-year-old…. to you. *rolls eyes* Yes, I am talking from personal experience.

Like my mom said… “suena a piconeria” xD meaning something like “sounds like sore losers to me” – LOL’ which would be even worse, if the Chinese team is younger~~~ imagine, a so-called 11-year-old team beating the 20-something-year-old teams. Whatever.