The Royal Wedding and you know… stuff.

May 1, 2011 — 4 Comments

Okay, other than BBC (and every other channel) showing the Royal Wedding all freaking day long, it was pretty impossible not to know about it. Whether you love them or hate them.

It was pretty horrible with even CNN, which made me wonder if they were going to talk about the flavor of the wedding cake.


I dunno what the flavor was, though.

The Royal Wedding Cake

I don’t really care much about the monarchy, to be honest. But I don’t hate them. I do think it’s horrible they spent so much money while the country struggles and even cuts the education budget. – Baka baka… as the Lady Shogun would say. But you know… some people REALLY do LOVE it like it’s no one’s business. I don’t get it, but oh well~

Crowds in the Mall

I do love the occasional pretty photo, as you know from my Mario Testino/Lady Di book… and so I found The British Monarchy has a Flickr account. How hip is that? And they have a PRO account. LOL

I also blame Hollywood and Disney for the impossible standard in which reality doesn’t match the fantasy they’ve been feeding me for years. Having said that, I also never understood Monarchy fashion… other than the hats looking like they belong to Lady Gaga. I mean look at what Camila is wearing~

The Official Royal Wedding photographs

Maybe that’s why she looks… not so bad in that picture. No seriously, look at the original size of the photo. Her face looks… NOT so bad. LOL Like she looks like a decent specimen compared to all the things that have been said about her.

And finally~~~

This photo. I like this photo a lot. I wonder how long it took the photographer to get that shot. I mean, it doesn’t look as posed as the above, which is more for protocol. This one actually looks a little bit natural.

The Official Royal Wedding photographs

So… did you watch it? Do you like the monarchy?

I really think it’s hilarious that Kate’s considered a commoner… one of the people, when her family’s so rich. I mean, poo! That thing with Prince William’s friends picking on Middleton for being “middle class” LOL

4 responses to The Royal Wedding and you know… stuff.

  1. jajaja, auch cuidado con el golpe a la monarquía. Tia no reniegues, todo es negocio, además a Kate ya la salaron con el anillo.
    El pecoso Harry está guapo.

    • @GD, lol. razon – aunq la mayoria de mi entorno siempre sale quejandose q la monarquia esto, y la monarquia lo otro. xD

  2. It was okay. I’m not bothered either way, and they seem like a nice couple. As for the cost, if you think about it as a £20m advert for the British tourism industry, it almost seems like a bargain.

    • @ersby, true. I guess if you see it that way…

      I guess as Latin Americans, we’re not used to having the notion of keeping royalty. xD I guess it’s the same with the Japanese emperor, and what not? I’ve no idea.

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