Yu Aoi Fandom: If You Could…

April 1, 2010

Ask Yu-chan 5 questions, what would they be?

Since the If Only picks are already done [but you can still send your 5 picks, if you haven’t], I was thinking on how to keep you engaged… alongside Acerk we discussed a couple of ideas regarding more film work. But I thought this would be more approachable for everyone… since every fan has at least one question they want to ask their idol.

Imagine you win a contest where you get to interview Yu-chan, this will help you get questions ready! LOL Or… imagine some reporter is interviewing Yu-chan, they should totally use this post xD

A couple of rules~

– Send me 1 to 10 questions
– No questions about her private life. [eg. dating]
– Send the questions in English

If you’re interested leave a comment on this post by April 15th the end of April. Your comment must have a valid email address, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you. Or you know, if you have my amy-wong.com email you can send your questions up-front.

After everyone sends in their questions, I will put the most asked questions in a list while also picking the most interesting ones [even if they’re asked only once], so make’em good, people!

I would tell you I have something special for the fan with the most original/interesting (set of) question(s), but sadly I don’t have anything. I don’t have a budget to give away anything. D= So you only get the chance to fandom participate… and hopefully some nice journalist will get this and get to ask Yu interesting question on our behalf. xD Because I support the Creative Commons hahaha.

17 responses to Yu Aoi Fandom: If You Could…

  1. Hey Amy, this sounds pretty fun! Did you want us to post the questions here, or send them directly to your email instead?

  2. I mentioned the comment thing, in case people who have never commented before could let me know their addresses~ but if you’ve got my email, you can send them directly.

    Nothing posted here xD

  3. The prize should be; being able to get these questions received and answered directly by Yu herself! Hahaha nanchatte =P

  4. Put me on the list.

  5. Whoa! Is this for real?

  6. what is for real? TalkAsia? You can send in your suggestions through their website.
    I’m sure that if people bug them enough, they will do it. LOL

    My only problem with the program is that I really hate the interviewer. She’s rather distasteful in the questions she asks regarding politics, and sometimes [insert Asian] society.

  7. Ohhh nevermind..hahaha I thought our questions were being sent ^^;; oops. =P

  8. we could, but I doubt they would use them. LOL

  9. I’m up for it if everyone else is!

  10. I can send the compiled questions next month, but not as many people sent a response.
    all very interesting questions though xD that’s why I’ve left it opened.

  11. Sweet. I can’t wait to see everyone’s questions! Do you have your own batch of questions too?

  12. I do. I need to cut some of them xD
    though I don’t know if I want to focus all of them on film.

  13. Are? What happened to the question thingy?

  14. I’ve been busy lately, but I’ve got them, no worries…
    There were very few people who sent questions though xD

    more for us then xD

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