In Progress: 2014 Film Count

This is the first time in my movie-counting life that I’ve seen over 50 movies by the middle of the year. As a general number, I picked 48 a year, to make sure I -at least- watched one film a week for my end of the year list.


There’s a LOT of bad and meh movies so far, but there’s also a decent Top10. Not unbelievable, but decent. It’s a working one that would do for a Dec.31 or Jan.01 publishing date. LOL

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  1. I’ve seen…97 movies this year, which is surprising to me because I’ve sometimes gone a week here and there without watching any movies. I think I front-loaded this year, though, and that’s a lot less than the past year, when I hit 126.

    • Our end of the year lists are gonna be better than last xD

      I’ve never counted all films, though I’m keeping track this year for the first time. I’m nearing my 350th one, and though most are in the 2012-2014 bracket, I hope I can make a cool Top30 Discoveries list this year too :)

      I’m nowhere near Marya’s levels yet… I still don’t know her secret. Maybe she has a time-turner.

      • OH WHOOPS I thought you were talking about all the movies seen! I’ve only watched five 2014 films so far and I only really like one and liked another with qualifications. aw man my mistake.

        Discovery posts are cool!

        Marya is legend.

        • I figured that ;) 97 new movies seem like Marya numbers xD I never know how many movies in general I watch a year, and that’s not counting the times I re-watch movies.

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