Yu Aoi – Kyou, Konogoro.

July 19, 2012 — 4 Comments

Yup. I finally bought Kyou, Konogoro (今日、このごろ。) — roughly translated to Nowadays, Lately. — which I had put off getting for years AND YEARS because… there’s a lot of text. But, damn. I was seriously missing out. There’s not many photos for the book, but there’s TONS of goodies for Yu-chan fans. A LOT of information (movie facts about Yu’s shooting projects, dates, movie suggestions, books she’s given or received, a sorta detailed work around to some of the magazine work she’s done, etc.) — In short, loads of great information for her Wikipedia page. xD

Having to tell you that my Chinese Mandarin classes are paying off for the Japanese reading. Ha! I’m just gonna have to go through all the text bit by bit. Coz seriously, there’s a lot.

There’s a whole chapter — a good 30 pages or more — of the shooting of One Million Yen Girl, complete with loads of big stills and sort of an interview. The whole book is formatted as an interview where some interviewer starts a conversation about a certain topic — like Yu riding the white horse, which~~~ if my reading is correct, she totally did on purpose to get the role on Raiou. SNEAKY! — and then it continues with added photographs.


Yu Aoi on riding a white horse for the photoshoot.
Chapter 1 – Horse-riding

“When made into a movie, I want to do it~ so I have an ulterior motive.”

There’s also a small chapter on travelling abroad, and I think she talks about her first time traveling to New York, and she dose mention going to Korea for Hana & Alice, and there’s even a small section in which she talks specifically about “talking in English” so I’m looking forward to “fully reading” that. From what I could browse through, she doesn’t seem to be very good at it. LOL

Anyway, the book is really a great addition to Yu fans. In any case, if you know Japanese, you can get it and help me translate it! Hahaha.

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  1. hi

    totally unrelated but I’ve eventually managed to watch “patisserie coin de rue”. Not a great film but nice and sweet like some of those cakes we see throughout the movie… the plot is a tad weak and some scenes are a bit naive but it works, thanks to the actors and Yu-chan (can we still call her that, with the chan suffix :) is really good in it.

    • Long time no see, nill xD

      I think we can keep calling her Yu-chan… so many years into it. xD It’d be rather odd to call her Aoi-san all of a sudden (though if meeting her, we would put in all the Japanese formalities xD).

      I agree with your assessment of Yogashiten, it’s still a pleasure to watch Yu that way.

  2. Super old post I know, sorry, but oh my god that’s the skirt in the mountain climbing movie and her photo book!!

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