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August 14, 2008 — 22 Comments

Sorry that I didn’t post last night! Olympic fever is madness~~~ My YesAsia order arrived yesterday! Sugoi NE! Photobook Fever at its MAX~~~~~ I devoured Dandelion, you wouldn’t believe it. I saw the photos, swooned over many of them, and went mad with super concentration to try to read. Because, as you know, Amy doesn’t read Japanese.

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook

Photos of the photos ahead! Like before, I doubt I will be posting scans… support Yu, people! ^^

I think Dandelion has way cooler photos than Travel Sand, because I just love all the fabrics and textures Yu Aoi was wearing in the photos due to the EXTREME cold weather. I only missed the old format of having handwritten letters from Yu~~~ there’s just something so personal about seeing the handwriting. However, I totally understand that typed content is easier to read…

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Title

Title of the book is on the first page, just after the blank page~

In this trip, Yu visits Russia, and does some Siberia time~~ though I can’t figure out many of the names (if not all) due to my lack of Russian and overall Asian geography knowledge. ハバロフスク (HABARUFUSUKU) -> Siberia -> イルクツク (IRUKUTSUKU) -> ブリャート (BURYATO) -> アルシャン (ARUSHAN) -> ウラジオストク (URAJIOSUTOKU).

**EDIT** (9.15pm) – Here is what I found out~~ Please, leave a comment to correct any info xD – Khabarovsk, Siberia, Irkuts, Buryatskaya, Archamps, and Vladivostok. See, don’t know any! xD

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Russian text

Can anyone read this???? Translate help?

**EDIT** Aug. 30th – Thank god for Wiki and Google Translate! xD Here’s the above:
Железнолорожная Магистралъ
Trans-Siberian Railway

Also, it was VERY cold, and Yu will show you… though I think she was crazy. See for yourself~

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - -25C

-25C, and just wearin’ that??? Yu is crazy~~~ xD Yu Popsicle.

And look at all the “it’s so freaking cold” instances~~~ Like REALLY COLD!

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - It\'s so COLD!

Photo#4 seems like Yu is about to mug someone. LOL xD

Yu also has a NIFTY camera… we need more photos taken by Yu. She’s got a nifty 8mm, which she shows off in a couple of shots~~~

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Yu with Camera Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Yu with Camera Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Yu with Camera

Also, do Russians use chopsticks??? Coz there’s a photo of Yu eating Russian food (and more MORE eating) with chopsticks~~~ did she carry hers around?? xD

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Chopsticks

Russian Food with Chopsticks! xD

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Another Lucky Kiddo

LOL, lucky kiddo~~ ain’t him?

Also… Yu and Yoko-san decided to play around with Inu-chan (dog)~~~ a tiny dog xD – ALSO! Yu decided to channel a Travel Sand pose, and then I think Japanese tourists recognized her, so she ended up signing some autographs… Yu Aoi in Russian~~

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Yoko-san and Inu-chan

On the left- Yu and Inu-chan. On the right- Yu and Yoko-san… probably trying to get a photo.

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Signing in Russian

I think (cannot read Japanese, remember??) Yu ran into some Japanese (hence the Nihonjin part) tourists that recognize her, so she signed some autographs with her name written in Russian~~~ Hence the AOI YU wa ROSHIA go de part xD

Yu Aoi - Dandelion Photobook - Channeling Travel Sand

Yu channels, here,drinking a shake in Travel Sand, only this time is colder, ha! xD

22 responses to Yu Aoi – Dandelion by Yoko Takahashi – rockin’ on

  1. It’s so cute to see you in full fan-girl madness! Just cute!!!

  2. Fan-girl is the best~ makes it feel like Christmas xD
    Anyway, you read Russian, Julz? You know, coz you can help translating that line of Russian.

  3. Dude, just cus russia is my neighbour doesn’t mean I know it heheh just some phrases like “I want a beer” “where are the hookers at” “communism is my ism” and “putin is hotter than lupin”

  4. You are lucky!!
    i tried to order this book from YesAsia several times and everytime after i placed order i got email say it’s not available and i have to phone them to cacel order.. now i got so upset.. if you know there’s any where else i can get this book, could you please let know? THANKS!

  5. Hi, Julia. Now that you mentioned it… yes, I was lucky. I got a msg from YesAsia a week after I placed my order, and they told me they couldn’t find the item. They asked me if I wanted to cancel or keep looking, I told them to keep looking for it, so they did for a week and they sent me my order :)

    I found some links, but all are in Japanese… dunno if they ship internationally.
    Rockin’ on – This is a direct link from Yu’s site.
    You can try buying a second-hand book at Amazon.co.jp
    This one in e-hon seems to have it too, though I don’t know if it’s actually ‘electronic’ – seems like it’s the actual book.
    And jbook, which also lists it.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Update!

    In case anyone still wonders…

    Dandelion seems to be once again available through Amazon.co.jp

    And HMV.co.jp – just in case~

  7. I’ve ordered it from YesAsia, they’ve shipped it and it should be in my mailbox pretty soon.
    From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like her best photobook. Some of those pics are just incredible.
    I think her appeal comes form the fact that her beauty is pure and simple …

  8. You’re lucky!
    Did you find any delay with YesAsia?
    Dandelion is a great set of photos, the setting in cold Russia and Siberia does help with all your clothing textures… the snow makes the pictures glow, and it’s just a pretty book to have… hardcover and plastic cover too~

    I only wish there were the letters (with the snapshots), instead of the pages with the snapshots and captions.

    yu + yoko-san are magic~~~

  9. her name is 蒼井優, not 夏井優 ^^

    I think you like yu aoi so much from your blog’s article

    This blog was cheered me up. good job^_^

  10. yeah, I know… but it does somehow show up in Wikipedia… hardly a source. There are cases of stage names…

    I took a look at your blog… Aoi-san wa Kakigoori ga Daisuki! LOL I can’t read Japanese though… at least not without working my butt off.

    I’ve been looking for Japanese fans to work with… drop me a line.

  11. If you want to discuss with Japanese fans
    you can go to this BBS
    good luck with u ^^

  12. Bawwww, but I can’t read Japanese.

  13. Ё-моё! Аой Ю в Сибири! бляяя, где-ж я был в это время мазафака! Теперь ждем в Тобольске и Питере! йокосо!

  14. Hi ^^, where do you buy the photobook of Yu Aoi? I hope you will reply, thank you so much.

    • Hi, Summer.
      I bought most of my Yu Aoi PBs through HMV Japan, sadly they don’t longer have the items in stock. The links I listed from YesAsia when I first started buying these also show up as no longer in stock. :( It also doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon Japan. So I’m sad to say you’re out of easy options ToT I will keep you posted if I find any of her best known PBs available.

      HMV Japan does have her books on shaved ice, her Tama-tama PB, her Patissier PB and the Nirai Kanai postcards.

  15. Ohh, no chances in 2022 to find full photobook.

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