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July 22, 2008 — 14 Comments

OMG, I’ve got it!! I’ve GOT IT!! On the mail today. Pretty photos *drools* Now I am ready to recommend where I bought this one. If you’ve been following… I blogged Photobooks at the beginning of the month…. I only lasted three days before I hit clicked and bought. LOL I mentioned I had purchased Travel Sand from another online store other than YesAsia.com – Well, I placed the order on July 6th (Paid with Paypal) and by July 14th I received confirmation that the book was on the way =D

So… beNippon.com is good. A bit on the pricey side, but good~ In case you don’t find an item, and you find it there… the site was prompt, and un-insured item made it to Peru. Now you know…

Well, TODAY was the day!!! I got it on the mail. Instant LOVE! I love it when it feels like Christmas when it’s not Christmas… actually, Christmas doesn’t feel as good.

Yu Aoi - Travel Sand Photobook

Now, I’m posting a few photos of the photos (just so you can feel the texture of the photo on this paper)… sorry guys, but my scanner won’t do good with this book. PLUS, I seriously recommend buying Yu Aoi photographs because they are so good. And if you love Yu, you should support her anyway you can… this is why I’m posting *watermarked* photos. It’s just a text simply overlayed, it is mostly non-intrusive…

There are several letters, as well as postcards she sent the company that published the book (rockin’ on), so I’m going to have to brush up on my Japanese. Ha! It’s gonna take me several weeks to read it all, though the pretty photos make up for it. Plus, does any of you look this good being a tourist??? I mean, I don’t even look as cool reading a book… and I’m not even mentioning how I look eating peaches or any other fruits. xD

Now, that’s what I call a LUCKY KIDDO. Non? That kid doesn’t even realize who this Asian-looking girl is~~ And in years to come, someone will realize and say… HOLY SHIT, that’s me! xD And doesn’t Yu look so BADASS with the super baggy clothing? Plus, I’m in love with her beanie. Plus, my dad pointed out the triangle that forms in her eye-area with, what do you call it in English??, her Lunares xD

And I swear to kamisama that I’ve got a similar picture of a foodie-face… I was just too shy to show it to anyone coz I thought my friend and I were the only ones making happy faces with out food. LOL, now though, I will be doing it a lot more xD

Yu Aoi - Travel Sand Photo

Also, I need help! xD The book is like a travel diary in the US (and Mexico), and it says where they went. However, I can’t figure out two of the cities. x’D

Los Angeles -> Mojave Dessert -> Las Vegas -> (DESUBARE???) デスバレ- -> (TAFUTO???) タフト -> Santa Barbara -> Los Angeles -> San Diego -> Mexico (No city specify?? xD) -> Los Angeles.

**EDIT** (Aug. 6th’08) DESUBARE = Death Valley (California), while TAFUTO = Taft (California)
Okay… TAFUTO is a *rolls eyes*, but I didn’t know there was a Taft city in California. DESUBARE was a tough one though!

14 responses to Yu Aoi – Travel Sand by Yoko Takahashi – rockin’ on

  1. Hey, falta el gorrito que te gusta, ja ja ja

  2. Ahi se ve el gorro en 4 de las fotos xD

  3. U are like totally in love with this girl hahaha Lucky u! I got my special release of the fahrenheit second alvum. It came with autographs! I’m not so into that but it was a nice extra feature. And they are real cus one is a little smugdge and i have one of the guys fingerprints! Hahaha

  4. You can clone him! Must have epithelial cells in there~~
    And if you msut know, I sort of ‘finished reading’ the book. Didn’t get most of it though, but the basics…. she ate a lot in that trip xD

  5. Just in case anyone’s interested…

    You can still buy Travel Sand through BeNippon.com

    And you can buy a new book through Amazon.co.jp

  6. Same here~~ UPDATE!

    If you are still interested, Travel Sand seems to be available again through Amazon.co.jp, and HMV.co.jp

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