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August 16, 2008 — 9 Comments

#2 of my 3-part order!

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii

Now, don’t ask me what the name of the book means because I haven’t the faintest idea. From what I could find out is something about a Rotating Table… which kinda makes sense ‘coz of the food rotating tables, and the whole food take on this book. And apparently, Mutsukashii means ‘difficult’ – a title that makes no sense to me xD…. Difficult Rotating Table?? xD

If I read correctly… photos taken by Ivy Chen, who apparently was the on-set photographer in Yu Aoi’s participating films All About Lily Chou Chou, as well as Hana and Alice.

This time around, Yu goes to Taipei (Taiwan) for a full-on Foodie trip. Yup, that’s right… if I thought her Travel Sand, and Dandelion photobooks talked a lot about food~~ well, I read a lot more food paragraphs and saw a whole more food photos on this one. There’s also a WHOLE lot more text, which would be ubber cool if I could properly read. LOL I read… I tried to read. I swear~~

Also… I was ‘reading’ and noticed Peru. Can someone help out? Plus, I’m looking for a reliable Japanese translator to have on call for projects (maybe even paid) ~~ So it’ll be good if you can drop a line~~ Here’s the text, I hope I typed correctly~~

フィアンセ の ”ペルー” を 呼んで、 みんあ で ご飯  を 食べた時 は、 幸せな 気持ち に なりました。

Sorry, don’t wanna transcribe everything, takes me too much time. LOL So, does it say something like Ivy Chen’s fiancee is from Peru? And that they were calling out for lunch time, and that they’re happy? LOL Just wanna make clear, coz I get giddy each time I read Peru in something not remotely Peruvian.

Who else thinks Yu Aoi should visit Peru for some Foodie trip??? Anyway, photos of the photos ahead!

I think this photobook is more for food fanatics. xD My friend (who is incidentally in Taiwan at the moment) told me that girls in Taiwan like taking photos of what they eat, which she thinks it’s weird. i guess I think so too, since I don’t normally take photos of what I eat, unless it looks really good or it’s something really weird. My friend has a blog with a few photos of stuff she eats, but everything she eats looks good~

Anyway, let’s begin with the photos… beginning with the table of content~ in case you want to know what this book has~~~

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - Content

In this book, Yu eats a lot of shaved-ice with fruits, with condensed milk… a lot of weird looking stuff, including a taro/sweet corn/something something mambojambo~ xD Also, she has some shaved-iced passion fruit… another one with mango… and she even mentions buying Lychee (I’m not sure if it was 1Kg)

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - Photo

Yu Aoi in an oh-so-Taiwanese St. xD

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - Photo

Yu just ordering a really complete drink/meal, eatable straw, probably a sweet bun, what could look like either tapioca or some sort of berries~ xD

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - with Lychee

Yu and… 1Kg of Lychee?!? xD

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - with Ivy Chen

Ivy Chen (photographer, left) and Yu Aoi – Most Asian-like photo. We’ve all taken photos like that, non? xD

Also, slightly bigger photos… with some small watermark so you know what book is from~ Remember to support Yu, people~~ Anyway, Yu eating ramen in the Taiwanese streets, and a really REALLY CUTE photo of Yu with a random sir. LOL’ When I saw those photos with the Ojiichan, it made my day. xD

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - Eating Ramen Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - with an Ojiichan

And a small funny… it’s got some text on as ‘caption’. I wonder how Yu ate all that she seemed to eat during this trip.

Yu Aoi - Could she eat all of that??

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  1. I’d really wish more people would comment…

  2. She's so adorableeeeeeee !

  3. Just a passerby January 2, 2013 at 2:15 am


    The “kaiten teburu” refers to eating with a Lazy Susan at Taipei’s famous Din Tai Fung Restaurant. The Lazy Susan is a rotating tray commonly used in Chinese restaurants to facilitate the sharing of dishes. Aoi Yu has yet to master the timing of when to turn and not to turn the Lazy Susan.

    My understanding is that “Peru” is Ivy Chen’s fiance’s name.

    In Taiwan, weight is usually measured in “jin” (斤), and 1斤 is around half a metric kilogramme.


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