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July 7, 2010 — 13 Comments

My order for Yu Aoi’s newest release of Uso. the Pop-up book is finally here. Even though shipping cost me a little more than I had intended. I will review this, and then reveal the surprise I had for all of you.

First, let me tell you it is slightly weird to have an almost-real-life-sized photo of Yu’s face. It is just slightly bigger (I suppose), so it’s unsettling. The photo it’s so sharp and clear, and her skin is so flawless in it, I’m so jealous. But then again… that’s a well-lit photograph, so that’s unfair. xD

When opening the book, it reminded me when I was a kid in school, and I would end up in the school’s library where they had these pop-up books everyone wanted to use, so you actually had to line-up early to check them out. Thick hardcovers to be able to hold the pop-up art, even if it’s just a few pieces of art. Because you could say you have only like 5 proper pop-up pieces.

The book starts with the following text.


Can anyone tell me if it’s a play on words or just gibberish? LOL

As you can see, the art [because they are not really photographs, right?] pieces are just pointless to scan, which I can see as a way for people to buy the actual book.

Yup! That’s Yu with a whole bunch of shoes on top of her.

Trust me, I don’t know what is going on, which makes me go all “WHAT?” instead of “Uso!” My favorite from all this series is the one with the bubble, which is quite simple compared to some of the others. It’s in that simplicity that you best enjoy it. Plus, Yu has reindeer hair! LOL

See, it’s pointless if you want the photographs because I don’t see anyone scanning this successfully, and in that sense… you need to get the book. This isn’t your regular Idol Photobook. It’s not focused on the idol… in this case, Yu. This isn’t focused on the photographer either. This is team work.

Art Direction: Hirano Atsushi (平野篤史)
Direction & Styling: Yoko Omori (大森 よう子) [who’s styled Mikako Ichikawa and Yu]
Photographs by: Osamu Yokonami [who’s photographed Yu as well]
Hair & Makeup: Eri Akamatsu (赤松 絵利)
Paper Engineer: Hiroshi Sakurai
Design: Jun Saito (DRAFT)
Printing Direction: Shunji Yano, Toru Kubota (Dai Nippon Printing)

One interesting thing to point out from all of this. This book was printed in China. I’m pretty sure it’s the first one, and I don’t know the reason behind that. Maybe it’s Parco’s Publishing way of doing things. Book is around 27cm of height (10.5in) and 18cm in width (roughly 7in)… good quality paper, and print with vibrant colors and very sharp.

Having said that… Yu is obsessed with lying. Oh you lil’ mythomaniac! LOL xD

Anyway, what’s the surprise? Well, I’m giving away a copy of this book. In the name of YAM. What do you need to do? Well, you gotta read next YAM’s 011 to find out.

13 responses to Yu Aoi – Uso. – PARCO

  1. No play on words I think, but I'll ask my japanese roommate hehe.

    I guess printing on China is less expensive (^^'

  2. Cute cute and pointless…. very unique

  3. I want I want!

  4. Hi, can you tell me where I can get a copy of this? : )

  5. uso !!

    lol, I rewatched Hana to Arisu yesterday (yeah I do rewatch some of her best movies from time to time) and her countless ways of uttering うそ are sheer delight

    • LOL, funny. I just re-watched the film about a week or two ago. xD Girl has a thing for uso. themes. It still kills me when her mom (Aida Shoko) tells her "sayonara, hana-chan" and Alice just bows leaving her food. Awww so sad.

  6. thanks for the play on words ;P

    Just checked ur site, might contact you for photos some day for the YAM project~~

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