Yu Aoi for Haru wo Seotte in the Mountains

New movie alert with Kenichi Matsuyama and Etsushi Toyokawa. Sakura Ando also supposedly appears in the film.

This is what ‘being obsessed’ with someone for a few years means, right? Noticing and nitpicking the little details normal people don’t pick up. I’m always eager to hear of new Yu Aoi movies and projects, even if I’m not as enthusiastic as before. I do get a kick whenever I see her act and she does her best smile making my day.

During my second watch, eager to watch that smile again, I noticed something…


That’s Yu-chan’s skirt from Travel Sand, no? You can find this photo useful. I think I’ve coined the first random trivia fact for the movie ;P You can call me a Yu Aoi nerd now.

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