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The Battle of the iPods~

October 31, 2008 — 2 Comments

Battle of the iPodsAmy’s got (finally!) her new iPod. Er… I can’t remember what generations iPods they are, but I upgraded from a 20Gb to a 120Gb – but to tell you the truth,  re-uploading 14Gb of music BLOWS. I spent all my night going through 3 DVDs full of music, and I’ve only got 5Gb on my new iPod.

Plus, PLUS~~~ What about my play count data!! +60-played songs are suddenly becoming 0-played. Not to mention some of the mp3s in the backup don’t have the proper album, track number, date, or even artists names~ SUCKS, I tell you. Isn’t there a way to just MOVE my old iPod’s info into the new one?? Does anyone know?

I tried to look for an answer, but everyone was talking about syncing two iPods on one computer, but what I want is to sync my new iPod to the old one. Please help! T_T

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Photographic Wishes…

October 29, 2008 — Leave a comment

So despite having my economics like my math results when I spent math class doodling…

I want these… xD

Nikon D60

A Nikon D60, which is pretty old~~ but I think will work for me. It’s 10.2MP (which is up my MP from my D70s), but still not sure if it will be actually be better than my camera…

What I do want is a new memory card, because mine are pretty small (256Mb, by 3 cards, and one 128Mb) – Ha! I know… I should be pretty ashamed of myself. Not practical at all~~~ So now I’ve been eyeing the SanDisk 8 GB Extreme III:

8Gb Sandisk Extreme

And a Nikon Lens Pen Cleaning System~ I need to clean my lenses, and it also looks cute. LOL’

Nikon Lens Pen

Happy Bewitching!

October 27, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today (I know I’m kinda late…) Alluringly Bewitching* (don’t forget the *) turns TWO (2 years)~~ that’s right. I know it’s a lame website, but it serves its purpose of fanlisting. Would people want it a website? I don’t know. Certainly, Kahlen news have slowed down… visits as well (cause or consequence?) – Anyway, even ANTM searches have slowed down in here…

But we’re here to celebrate Alluringly Bewitching* – Kahlen is to date my favorite ANTM contestant/runner-up/etc ~ and two years ago, I was surprised she didn’t have her own Fanlisting… so I opened one. My second one, I don’t know how some people manage to handle over 20 sometimes~~~

We’ve reached over 250 members in the time it’s been opened. I am still hoping Kahlen writes someday *laughs* … *rolls eyes* – Anyway, on the layout. I love that shot of Anger/Wrath, and it’s probably my favorite photo of all the seasons I’ve watched.

Thoughts? Comments?

or should I say… if you don’t know her, but want to know more about her… here’s some videos. I was telling my friend about Margaret Cho after she sent me a link to a video I had seen in 2006 of another comedian. The video IS kind of funny, but it can only be funny a number of times. So I thought I would suggest other comedians to her, but she either doesn’t enjoy Margaret Cho’s humor… or she didn’t find a very good clip.

I understand there might be people who will find Cho’s humor an acquired taste, but I literally laugh myself to tears… especially when Cho does impersonations of her mom. If I had a cellphone (yeah, haven’t bought a replacement xD) I would use Cho’s mom’s impersonation “pick up the phone” as a ringtone xD

Anyway, videos after the break…

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Eri my Love – Finally!

October 23, 2008 — 2 Comments

Saw it. It’s a pity more people didn’t get to watch this…

11-one-or-two-minute-episodes + a five-minute-SP, some of them were pretty funny and showcased Asami Mizukawa’s funnyness. Is it wrong that I laughed so hard when Eri hit Ogurin with the paper-fan?

After the break, enjoy a +1minute of Eri (Asami) impersonating Ruka (Juri), Ogurin impersonating Takeru (Eita) and finally Eri impersonating Michiru (Masami) – Laugh Out Loud moment… well, if YOU’ve seen the series anyway…

I literally laughed my ass off with Asami’s Michiru’s spot-on laugh. Seriously… if you want to watch it, the LJ Juri Community has it~~~ You either need an account or maybe join the community…

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