The Battle of the iPods~

October 31, 2008 — 2 Comments

Battle of the iPodsAmy’s got (finally!) her new iPod. Er… I can’t remember what generations iPods they are, but I upgraded from a 20Gb to a 120Gb – but to tell you the truth,  re-uploading 14Gb of music BLOWS. I spent all my night going through 3 DVDs full of music, and I’ve only got 5Gb on my new iPod.

Plus, PLUS~~~ What about my play count data!! +60-played songs are suddenly becoming 0-played. Not to mention some of the mp3s in the backup don’t have the proper album, track number, date, or even artists names~ SUCKS, I tell you. Isn’t there a way to just MOVE my old iPod’s info into the new one?? Does anyone know?

I tried to look for an answer, but everyone was talking about syncing two iPods on one computer, but what I want is to sync my new iPod to the old one. Please help! T_T

Also… is it me? Or is my old iPod cuter than the new one? It’s more roundy xD and the new feels a bit more pointy on the sides.

New Silver 120Gb iPod

I do like the “cover flow” thing from the new version, as well as the support for other languages. I’ve got a lot of Asian language tracks (original title + pronunciation + english translation) and they are much easier to read… the characters much more sharp. I also like the ‘search’ feature, though I haven’t tried it with another language xD. So yeah, if you’ve got your library neat and organized, it’s pretty good looking with the new one.

New Silver 120Gb iPod

The thing is… I can’t really see much on the screen without the backlight on, so… will that mess with my batery hours? Could this last for a long 24hr trip? Moreover, it looks less strong than my old pal… how hard a hit can it take? xD

Can we give a warm welcome to my new iPod?

2 responses to The Battle of the iPods~

  1. oooo, i envy u right now! i don’t even own an mp3 at the moment and it kind of sucks. Tell he how the new ipod works, still unsure if I wanna purchase one…

  2. new ipod is fine. I liked 4th gen because it’s cuter, rounder. also, when you use the 4th gen ipod, you can browse through without the backlight on, since it only displays two colors. You save batteries that way…

    the new one. the new one looks slick, not cute. It’s roundy but it has edges~ Also, it looks weaker, like it can break apart at any moment. Moreover, since it displays colors, you need to have the backlight on in order to see the screen, which decreases battery usage.

    That said… I like the cover flow because I keep my albums in order, the search feature comes in handy to look for tracks, and display is much clearer. Also, like I told you… I like the Music Quiz, because it has a lot of songs included. xD 5GB of music makes it kinda hard, so can you imagine having 14GB of data?? SUPER HARD QUIZ. I am looking forward to that.

    Also, I don’t know how to use my Genius playlist… seems to just stay there~~

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