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Okay, I gotta admit South Korea- I’m jealous.

Some of you may complain about the political implications of choosing Park Geun-hye’s party, but you’re getting the cake. This is coming from someone less privileged than you in terms of political options. I don’t want to talk about my current president, but since President Park Geun-hye just made a splash on my TV speaking Mandarin at a speech she delivered just this week at Tsinghua University during her visit to Beijing [1], which apparently is self-taught [1][2] (that’s even way more accomplished!), I want to give a good mention to my Ex-Pres.

A couple of years back, when (now Ex-) President Hu Jintao was visiting the country when Alan Garcia was still president — and he gave us THIS SUPER AWKWARD photo of himself trying to hug/kiss Hu — Alan had the BRILLIANT idea of giving HIS own speech in Mandarin, even though he knows a lick of any Asian language (I doubt he knows anything about Asian culture outside what to eat at a Chifa [1], explaining why he tried to hug/kiss Hu, LOL).

The end result is, of course, madly hilarious if you speak Spanish.

Besides trying to sound out Mandarin, which you know it’s nearly impossible, he sounded out some “words” that sounded similar to other words in Spanish, included the now political-satire-classic “Soy chanchin,” which is a cute modification to the word “chancho,” meaning “pig.” So basically it sounded like he said “I’m a little fat.” Hilarious history in the making right there.

Surprisingly, Hu had the biggest poker face EVER. He didn’t blink, snorted, NOTHING. He’s either the best politician in the whole wide world, or his team warned him about this Garcia Mandarin stunt and he turned off any of his hearing aid, if he used any.

Acabo de recibir un correo de uno de los servicios de envío que he usado informándome que ahora tengo un límite de 3 envíos (o un equivalente de $1000USD) como persona natural gracias a nuevas regulaciones implementadas por la eficaz institución de Aduanas que tenemos en el Perú. Gracias, SUNAT, por hacerme la vida más fácil.


Ustedes siempre tan eficaces! Haciéndole la vida tan sencilla a las compañías que dan servicio de envíos por internet.

Express Mail Service FTW! $20USD no es nada si evito tener que lidiar con todos ustedes.

I don’t know what pushed me to read the Red Dawn remake IMDb board — I mean, it’s a real task to get through any thread on IMDb without rolling your eyes or getting pissed off with humanity, but here I was… doing it.

Among all the trash talk about race, sighs… there was this post, and… I got depressed. LOL But as depressing as a movie like this would be, I feel it would be 100 times much more interesting than what the remake of Red Dawn looks like. I don’t think it can be marketed as an action film with American-made heroes, though. It would be a spirit-crushing film… almost like the perfect companion piece to John Hillcoat’s The Road, which is another downright depressing movie.

imdb economic red dawn

Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

And hunt him they did. He’s our silent hero, our martyr, and he doesn’t care because he knows his purpose. His ardent supporters will keep silent, and they will shed tears on his demise. And if there is justice in the world… however long it may take to get here, he will be remembered.

He is the hero we didn’t deserve, but the one we needed back then. We hunted him down because he could take it. He’s our hero AND our silent guardian. Our protector, our very own Dark Knight.

Tory: Madam President, in my opinion, people vote their hopes, not their fears. Baltar is offering them what they want to hear, and you’re offering them a bitter reality.

Roslin: I’m offering them the truth.

Tory: They don’t want to hear the truth. They’re tired, exhausted. The idea of stopping, laying down their burdens, and starting a new life right now is what is resonating with the voters.

Battlestar Galactica: Elections and Hope

Any Peruvian of my generation has to have grown up with, at least, one Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos song. Maybe not Cuando tu Me Pegas [1], but certainly Magdalena [1], Los Patos y Las Patas [MV] — and obviously Las Torres.

Part political satire, part serious social commentary, part anthem, part pop hit, part party flare and full Peruvian rock — Las Torres, meaning The Towers (as in transmission towers), was a huge hit in its time and its the musical staple of the… maybe not defunct but definitely stale Los NSQ y Los NSC (for short).

Long gone are the days of the constant nights without lights due to the blowing up of transmission towers, the curfews, being a kid then was… not the bomb. Cable, internet were non-existent and any form of entertainment was limited to just the couple of channels… and you were lucky to have a working TV.

Have we ever asked ourselves what good were computers without internet?? LOL

Anyway, I digress — the wordplay in Las Torres is an obvious play on the famous Un Elefante se Balanceaba (An Elephant Swinging) [here’s a clip] which I guess you don’t have in English version of… but a close version would be the Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall song? In the Elephant Song, you would sing that “an elephant is swinging on top of a spider’s web, seeing as it lasted, it calls one elephant more” which makes the song endless.

So here goes my translation~

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There are things… going on, which made me discover a song xD

Then I got to watch loads of videos and clips, and then it moved me~ it all clicked. The best Peruvian is not (some people keep on claiming this) Peruvian at all. Now, isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?

I approve. =)

Mama Mia!’s director Phyllida Lloyd is apparently working on Margaret Thatcher biopic for BBC and Pathé, and it seems like Streep is in talks to play Thatcher. EEK! And Jim Broadbent is in talks to play Thatcher’s husband. EEK!

The biopic will center around 1982, during the Falklands War (or Las Malvinas ;P), which lasted 74 days… ultimately, winning her the elections in 1983.

via Empire Online.

Of course Streep is in talks. Everyone wants Streep to read their script. Who wouldn’t? Right? Plus, Thatcher is such a fascinating contemporary subject. You gotta admit, without Thatcher’s gov. Britain would have continued with the recession… and you’d be worse than you guys are now. Actually, now that I think about it… the Conservatives always get the country in a crappy state, eh? xD

Well, it sucks to be Greek at the moment.

I mean, you guys, seriously.
Suck it up like all of Latin American economical crisis
(what IS the plural for crisis?)

Will The Mighty EU be able to help???

In the meantime, these are the first 2 episodes of The Greek Crisis Explained

[iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

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I was unsure on what to talk about before going to bed (I’m trying to post once a day, have you noticed? hahaha) – And I was between discussing this topic, and the news of Peru deciding to use the Japanese system of Digital TV [Eng Google Translate] (does that mean I could… somehow get WOWOW??), instead of the European one~~~

Anyway!!! I decided to rant~

[Original Spanish Article] Sorry, any English media DON’T CARE so you’ll have to do with a Google Translate.

I think it’s amazing that an illiterate person who is over 25 years old and Peruvian is legible to work in congress. Baffles me! And I’m sure it baffles many others…

I am in no way calling the congresswoman illiterate, because she reads and writes. Not AT the level that someone who supposedly legislates and works on writing and reviewing law should be, but writes nonetheless.

As congresswoman Martha Hildebrant (a linguist, who could probably insult me and I wouldn’t understand) – Actually, I think I would feel honored to be insulted by her… kinda like Lainey dreaming of Gwyneth being a bitch towards her hahaha – Anyway, as Hildebrant points out~~ people (regular, other congressmen and the media) have completely distorted the article written by the newspaper. They did not mock Supa’s quechua ancestry (that’d be more like mocking us Chinese descendants saying things like “lico alo” when we speak perfectly well. thankyouverymuch. Assholes!) But they did point out that Supa’s Spanish is of the level of someone in primary school, hence the reference to the Coquito books (popular ABC books for children).

And as Hildrebrant also points out in the pseudo-video (because it’s just an audio) is that all congressmen, as public figures, are exposed to being criticized in the labor they do.

As one user states in a comment,

I am a Peruvian from Puno, Quechua-speaker and southern, and I don’t feel remotely humiliated [referencing how the congresswoman feels], au contraire I feel pity for our representative being almost illiterate.

I say this because she’s a congresswoman representing the state, and should be in the position of being criticized or interviewed, but when you’re illiterate – you can’t even do that. She’s fragile and helpless, she doesn’t waste time to play victim and that’s the nature of ignorance. There isn’t the capacity to reflect, they think that everyone is against them or discriminating against them.

All talk on corruption, being honest, pure and holy – that’s simply poppycock.

Why don’t we put virgins in congress already! Geez~~~

Now, if you really wanna support literacy through all economic-social barriers, check out some about The Big Read project… maybe someday Peruvian’s will have a non-illiterate-congress.