Learning to Speak and Write Properly to Work in Congress

April 24, 2009 — 4 Comments

I was unsure on what to talk about before going to bed (I’m trying to post once a day, have you noticed? hahaha) – And I was between discussing this topic, and the news of Peru deciding to use the Japanese system of Digital TV [Eng Google Translate] (does that mean I could… somehow get WOWOW??), instead of the European one~~~

Anyway!!! I decided to rant~

[Original Spanish Article] Sorry, any English media DON’T CARE so you’ll have to do with a Google Translate.

I think it’s amazing that an illiterate person who is over 25 years old and Peruvian is legible to work in congress. Baffles me! And I’m sure it baffles many others…

I am in no way calling the congresswoman illiterate, because she reads and writes. Not AT the level that someone who supposedly legislates and works on writing and reviewing law should be, but writes nonetheless.

As congresswoman Martha Hildebrant (a linguist, who could probably insult me and I wouldn’t understand) – Actually, I think I would feel honored to be insulted by her… kinda like Lainey dreaming of Gwyneth being a bitch towards her hahaha – Anyway, as Hildebrant points out~~ people (regular, other congressmen and the media) have completely distorted the article written by the newspaper. They did not mock Supa’s quechua ancestry (that’d be more like mocking us Chinese descendants saying things like “lico alo” when we speak perfectly well. thankyouverymuch. Assholes!) But they did point out that Supa’s Spanish is of the level of someone in primary school, hence the reference to the Coquito books (popular ABC books for children).

And as Hildrebrant also points out in the pseudo-video (because it’s just an audio) is that all congressmen, as public figures, are exposed to being criticized in the labor they do.

As one user states in a comment,

I am a Peruvian from Puno, Quechua-speaker and southern, and I don’t feel remotely humiliated [referencing how the congresswoman feels], au contraire I feel pity for our representative being almost illiterate.

I say this because she’s a congresswoman representing the state, and should be in the position of being criticized or interviewed, but when you’re illiterate – you can’t even do that. She’s fragile and helpless, she doesn’t waste time to play victim and that’s the nature of ignorance. There isn’t the capacity to reflect, they think that everyone is against them or discriminating against them.

All talk on corruption, being honest, pure and holy – that’s simply poppycock.

Why don’t we put virgins in congress already! Geez~~~

Now, if you really wanna support literacy through all economic-social barriers, check out some about The Big Read project… maybe someday Peruvian’s will have a non-illiterate-congress.

4 responses to Learning to Speak and Write Properly to Work in Congress

  1. Forgot to mention… the congressmen complaining about the photo of her writing and saying the photo is invading her privacy~~~ they are obviously slackers and don’t want to be caught on photos slacking off when they’re earning big congressmen salaries~~~

    There’s already a video of a congressman picking his nose, AND eating his snot.

  2. the thing here is that politics is more like a business rather than something you do because you want your country to improve.

    people that run for a ¨curul¨ invest a lot of money to get there… “Por Dios y por la Plata¨

    I was very disappointed when I read the article and when I watched the news… “Reporters have way too much access ” shit! I want to know what the heck you´re doing !!!! you cost me s/. 25.000 a month!!!!!! and things like that explain why Peru is not improving as it should.

    I strongly believe that people that want to work for the government should have at least a college degree. They need to be educated otherwise is the blind leading the blind.

  3. jajajaja no entender q hace en el congreso si no ha recibido la educacion minima necesaria! sentarse y rascarse la panza? xq literalmente yo podria ser congresista tmb… o mi papa? q entiende español y habla pero escribe maso.. LOL

    Y no se d q se queja la congresista q le hayan ‘ampayado’. Si es verdad XD le averguenza su propia verdad.

  4. It’s not only here, Rojo~~~ Politics is a business worldwide, but people keeping thumping their chests and preaching about corruption, honesty. Open your eyes, human beings are shit… we are corrupt and always only care about the people we know… specially if we don’t have anything. We always take the easiest way to get somewhere…

    This is why people cheat in school, skip classes… lie to your parents to attend a concert, go to a party~~~ they cheat on their significant other, have kids out of wedlock, let someone do something and take credit for it… WE SUCK.

    I hate young people who think they are so holy and mighty… WE ALL SUCK, guys.

    OKAY, ranting over~

    Why were you disappointed? I was appalled, it’s like~~~ SHIT, how many more people not academically prepared are in congress. Fuck! It’s primary level!!

    Maca… Nanis, nunis & ninis al congreso!!! Buajaja. Reformas de diseno!! xD Nos tumbamos todos los edificios q no sirven, la publicidad mala la prohibimos… xD y mejoramos el estilo visual de los canales nacionales…

    Sheep following sheep…

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