The Greek Crisis Explained Animated by NoMint

Well, it sucks to be Greek at the moment.

I mean, you guys, seriously.
Suck it up like all of Latin American economical crisis
(what IS the plural for crisis?)

Will The Mighty EU be able to help???

In the meantime, these are the first 2 episodes of The Greek Crisis Explained

2 responses to The Greek Crisis Explained Animated by NoMint

    Fucking Greece, seriously! How the hell do u have a dent in your economy when u have one of the biggest incomes from tourism every year? Oki well, perhaps not that much last year but still….
    This animations where mad funny! EU will not make it, what are they gonna do? Make more money?

  2. Right?

    Still they dare to protest and create more chaos.
    Geez~~~ suck it up, you guys. suck it up.

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