Cuando Tu me Pegas

Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos (literally translated to “The Whomever and the Whichevers”), often shortened as NSQyNSC or some variation of that, are famous for… being total clowns. They’ve got their bits of ska so often populating the good stuff of Peruvian Rock, ready for parties.

I was recently updating myself with their discography and found this song called Cuando Tu me Pegas (When You Hit Me)… which talks about DV… domestic violence, or a variation of that since it’s not explicit that the couple in question lives together… in a very inappropriate funny way.

Raul Romero, in the role of the woman… mocking “delicate” tone of voice and all talks about her relationship with a man who hits her, but she loves it. It probably goes in hand with that ever popular saying of “mas te pego, mas te quiero” (the more I hit you, the more I love you) or that thing called “amor serrano”.

Of course, DV is no laughing matter… and I’m sure I’m supposed to be feeling socially conscious about the song and its context… I just can’t help finding this hilarious though. It’s not the lyrics perse, but the execution and overall feeling of the song that makes you go WHUUUUT and then laugh at it.

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Here goes the lyrics:

Cuando tu me pegas me pongo contenta
porque yo siento que te intereso.
la ultima vez que me pegaste,
dejaste marcas dentro de mi

No me interesa si eres ratero,
si eres borracho o pastelero.
lo que me importa es que de noche
te pongas bestia y me des golpes

Un puñete para arriba, un puñete para abajo
un puñete en la barriga, un puñete en el costado
ahora las mujeres vamos a disfrutar
esta bella tecnocumbia, bailando sin cesar

Esa patada que has inventado
cuando te acercas a traición
me pone loca y me trastoca
causando heridas e inflamación

La ultima noche fue inolvidable
me diste un tackle en el riñón
hazmela a diario contra el ovario
no cambies nunca, eres mi amor



Rough translation:

When you hit me I get happy
because I feel you’re into me.
The last time you hit me,
you left marks inside of me.

I don’t care if you’re a mugger,
if you’re a drunk, or a stoner.
What I care about is that at nights,
you turn into a beast and hit me hard

A punch up, and a punch down
a punch in the stomach, a punch on the side.
Now women are gonna enjoy
this beautiful technocumbia, dancing until there’s no end

That kick that you invented
when you approach // I can’t actually make out what this means LOL
drives me nuts and drives me wild
causing wounds and inflammation

The last night was unforgettable
You hit me hard in the kidney,
do it to me daily against the ovary.
Never change, you are my love


So what you think? Considering so much is lost in translation… it’s impossible to translate this type of songs.

Do you know of any other songs that threw you off because of such subjects?

I can actually only think of The Soudns’ Hit Me song — it’s totally weird to sing out loud that chorus of “Hit me hard/hit me right between the eyes/I wanna see the stars/Hit me, hit me!

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