Cinema Firsts for Top 10 Films

November 18, 2010 — 10 Comments

5. First film I saw with friends: Titanic

Oh, yeah. I did. It was probably a group of at least 7 giddy girls and me going into Titanic. I’m picturing it, and I think it’s horrible. The idea of 8 11-year-olds giggling… OMG, the horror!

6. First sex scene: Titanic?

Considering I probably didn’t understand that the naked lady on top of John Saxon on Enter the Dragon was more than giving him a massage, or that Jim Kelly was choosing more than just giggling lady friends.

Or that the scene in which Kathy Baker straddles a startled Johnny Depp on Edward Scissorhands didn’t actually end up in a sex scene anyway… but made me feel strangely in a dangerous position of not getting caught watching it…

I would say the first “sex” scene I saw was Titanic, even though you don’t see anything but their hands and the steamed car windows. It’s just bizarre, and I really think I didn’t fully get it I’m sure. I was just more taken aback by Kate Winslet posing naked and being on screen naked for such a long time.

But then again, I remember that Spanish show called La Serie Rosa (The Pink Series) with its silly softcore smut. There’s even an episode with Penelope Cruz, which I found out not so long ago.

Such a bizarre kid I was. xD

7. First horror film: Mr. Boogedy

It seems it wasn’t even a film! But I’ve always remembered Mr. Boogedy Boo! I didn’t even remember what it was about, or who was in it, anything about it. I just remembered Mr. Boogedy Boo! LOL

8. First favorite film: Dancer in the Dark

I truly think that film changed my way of watching films. From that point on, my life was film.

9. First time I walked out of the cinema: The Cell

I didn’t actually walked out. I’ve never walked out of the cinema. I actually rented The Cell, and it was just horrible, I ended up turning it off. I have no idea what it was, maybe it was because I was young, but it was just UGH. It’s in my memory, marked in my subconscious as a bad film… even though I ended up enjoying Tarsem’s The Fall.

10. First film to leave a lasting impression: Dancer in the Dark

Repeat, I know – It just, it really made me change the way I watch films. It was like a revelation to me, different from the vapid romantic comedies and teen flicks that I was watching with my friends.

10 responses to Cinema Firsts for Top 10 Films

  1. Tough one…

    1. Disney’s Cinderella (when I was 3 or 4yo and my mum said I rushed to first row to truly enjoy the big screen)
    2. Well… Cinderella…
    3. Tokyo Eyes
    4. Jennifer Connelly (Dark City) – Kaneshiro Takeshi (Chungking Express)
    5. I barely went to the movie with friends. When I did it was their choice so the movie sucked.
    So… probably in highschool “Save the last dance”.
    6. L’Amant (and I was around 9yo)
    7. Scream (^^’
    8. Chungking Express
    9. Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Robert Rodriguez), couldn’t stand the story and the stupid dubbed french version
    10. Dangerous Mind (Hahaha I’m truly ashamed now… but I was 11 or 12)

  2. Wow, you must be about my age. Nice post!

  3. Dangerous Mind! hahaha – they made me watch that one at school for some reason!

    I always thought "going to the movies" was equal to hang out with friends (besides parties and stuff), and yeah – can't blame for not going with them xD

    • I take watching movies too seriously from the start I guess. I like silence during the credits and no one asking me what I though about it and so on… wow… what a friendly person I am xD

      • completely understand. I also stay for credits… usually. I got used to going to the cinema alone after Dancer, but then I went to film school and we all went together because we were the same. I guess that stuck. Can't go to the cinema alone now xD

  4. Enter the Dragon owns, you get major points. The Cell was awesome, you lose a few. But this website rocks so you get more major points lol

  5. Yeah, I didn't like The Cell much either in the cinema, although a few years later on DVD I came to have a better appreciation of it – weird! great list, and it reminds me that I have to get a copy of Dancer In The Dark……

    • Really? I don't know, by this time… I think my dislike for The Cell might be purely psychological now. I recently bought a book on Art Cinema, I was surprised to see that from all the movies mentioned in it, I've only heard of one.

      Makes me feel like I need to expand on my artsy fartsy films.

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