Cinema Firsts for Top 10 Films

November 18, 2010 — 10 Comments

In honor of Top 10 Films’ 1st anniversary~~~

1. First Film: Enter the Dragon

I figured it must be one of my dad’s favorites, since he’s the one who got the tapes and did the recordings on the Betamax from tv broadcasts…

I literally know the dialog to Enter the Dragon ;P

2. First visit to the Cinema: Jurassic Park

I’m not entirely sure when my parents first decided to take me to the cinema, because my parents worked a lot so most my outings were with my aunts and cousins. And my parents think little kids who don’t behave themselves shouldn’t be taken on too many activities, so it is likely we didn’t properly go to the movies until I was 5 or more… so Jurassic Park it is.

I saw it with my aunt and little cousin, who’s now… 20 xD

3. First film purchase:
VHS: None
DVD: She’s All That and Loser

When I grew up, it was a troubling time for the economy. We didn’t buy tapes – my dad, however, used to bring a lot of rentals from a place who used to watermark its videos with “videorama” – of course my dad taped all those Disney shorts and old movies.

Sometimes when my uncle would visit Miami, he would bring a tape or two of Disney’s Sing Along Songs. I also remember my auntie gave me an X-Men tape (the one were the color palette is earth colors – Cyclops head is all covered and Wolverine is all brown), and my uncle gave me the tape of Winnie the Pooh’s Wishing Star story.

My first two DVDs, I bought when I turned 15, so you can’t hold me accountable of the purchase. It was on my bday trip to California, and bought those discs thinking they were VCDs for some weird reason, and having to wait a couple of months before my family actually bought a DVD player.

4. First Crush:
Carly Pope and Christopher Gorham

Weird, huh? They’re not really Film crushes, though both have done films.

I mean it is rather silly to be a 11-year-old girl watching Titanic and swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio. First, I wasn’t THAT interested in film back then – TV was everything to me… and pop music, so it’s only fitting that my first “crushes” weren’t Film crushes.

Once I get a crush, I am rather faithful. My interest may wain, but it will never truly disappear unless said object of imaginary affection does something truly bad.

And god, Carly Pope’s striking face — and those eyebrows! Hmm.. I might have an eyebrow fetish (Crawford and Garbo, anyone?) — and Christopher Gorham’s sexy nerdiness. It’s killer to me. And they both supposedly speak more than one language? It’s a killer combo for me.

10 responses to Cinema Firsts for Top 10 Films

  1. Tough one…

    1. Disney’s Cinderella (when I was 3 or 4yo and my mum said I rushed to first row to truly enjoy the big screen)
    2. Well… Cinderella…
    3. Tokyo Eyes
    4. Jennifer Connelly (Dark City) – Kaneshiro Takeshi (Chungking Express)
    5. I barely went to the movie with friends. When I did it was their choice so the movie sucked.
    So… probably in highschool “Save the last dance”.
    6. L’Amant (and I was around 9yo)
    7. Scream (^^’
    8. Chungking Express
    9. Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Robert Rodriguez), couldn’t stand the story and the stupid dubbed french version
    10. Dangerous Mind (Hahaha I’m truly ashamed now… but I was 11 or 12)

  2. Wow, you must be about my age. Nice post!

  3. Dangerous Mind! hahaha – they made me watch that one at school for some reason!

    I always thought "going to the movies" was equal to hang out with friends (besides parties and stuff), and yeah – can't blame for not going with them xD

    • I take watching movies too seriously from the start I guess. I like silence during the credits and no one asking me what I though about it and so on… wow… what a friendly person I am xD

      • completely understand. I also stay for credits… usually. I got used to going to the cinema alone after Dancer, but then I went to film school and we all went together because we were the same. I guess that stuck. Can't go to the cinema alone now xD

  4. Enter the Dragon owns, you get major points. The Cell was awesome, you lose a few. But this website rocks so you get more major points lol

  5. Yeah, I didn't like The Cell much either in the cinema, although a few years later on DVD I came to have a better appreciation of it – weird! great list, and it reminds me that I have to get a copy of Dancer In The Dark……

    • Really? I don't know, by this time… I think my dislike for The Cell might be purely psychological now. I recently bought a book on Art Cinema, I was surprised to see that from all the movies mentioned in it, I've only heard of one.

      Makes me feel like I need to expand on my artsy fartsy films.

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