Dancer in the Dark – Films that Changed your Life Forever

September 11, 2008 — 7 Comments

Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier remains my favorite film since the day I first saw it at the movies. I was still in high school, and it marked a totaly shift on the way I watch films… you know? Before this film, I was your most ordinary teenager… I was all about Romantic Comedies, Teenage Comedies, and did totally dismiss many other films~~ Until this film.

Dancer in the Dark - PosterI was always a fan of Bjork when I was little… back in the day of the now forgotten M21 (Music 21), I used to watch Bjork’s Venus as a Boy, and It’s Oh So Quiet. I was probably 11 or maybe 12 going on 13, I’m pretty sure I was fairly young. So when I went to watch Dancer in the Dark with my dad, because 100% of my friends weren’t interested in it at all. My dad took me to the last show, and obviously the show had barely any people in it… unless you count the couple that was making out. I mean, how un-sexy is it to make out during this movie??

The film was so simple, yet profound and it had me grasping for self-control because I did NOT want to cry at the movies… not with my dad next to me, not with the couple making out behind me. But I could not help it, the tears began falling and I peeked at my dad, who was also teary. I felt relief, LOL.

Bjork gave one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful performance of the year, my most sincere apologies to Julia Roberts and her Erin) ~ but Selma’s story, along with Bjork’s acting, Bjork’s voice and songs, and Lars Von Trier creepiness genius… it made for perfect filmmaking and storytelling. No other film has made me feel like this, and no other film will change me the way this film has.

Dancer in the Dark changed my life, and I think it’ll be tough for it to leave my list of Top10 Films, so if you haven’t seen it… go to your rental store, and watch it. And pick up a box of Kleenex on your way.

7 responses to Dancer in the Dark – Films that Changed your Life Forever

  1. I dated the kid that played her son….kekeke

  2. lol, u mentioned that before… I’m pretty sure. xD

  3. Yea I did, awww my junior high crush!

  4. are you allowed to cry watching this movie?
    i think so.
    it’s that powerful and beautifully sad.

  5. yah, beautifully sad.
    but still kinda shy to cry in front of people…
    I think they said so in Kamikaze Girls (Jap. Film)
    Girls shouldn’t cry in public. ^^

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