Bokura no Ongaku – Our Music – Yu Aoi x Chatmonchy – Bus Romance

Not really the best of captures, but we’ll take what we can with YouTube removing stuff. Once again, YouTube users~~~ contact me in order to figure out how to keep the videos online. Your upload credits will be kept.

Thanks hirokisakurajima for the upload~

OMG, Yu-chan plays the piano!!!

I had read about that, but never actually believed it… you know, it is the internet.

I think it might be time for a Wikipedia update, right?

By the way, her last Ongaku appearance… which was uploaded by rocking user aoinohoho is gone because YouTube deleted the account – understandable. Aoinohoho, if you still visit the site would love to get hold of those videos.

Which leads me to a rant. Seriously Japan broadcasters, REALLY? As if you’re going to release interviews for sale. Even the likes of Letterman, and all those night shows have clips online. What’s up with that!?

Fuji TV, you fail at worldwide distribution.

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  1. Omo, omo! Yu playing with my favorite girl group. What a happy way to start my weekend!

    Oh and if you watch k drama's you have got to see Secret Garden. Totally addicted to it.

    • I haven’t had time to watch any jdrama or kdrama – I stopped watching Gloria even because the subbing group didn’t allow their subs be posted somewhere else, and the LJ communities don’t allow the posting of RAWs… and I’m lazy to use torrents. xD

      But I’ve heard of Secret Garden xD

      I wish there was a better capture of this clip… especially with the part of Yu talking… or singing?

  2. Here's a better clip of the performance:

  3. Also this interview:

    I really wish I understood japanese!

    • *slaps self* for not knowing Japanese either.

      Keywords. Of course she talked about food. xD

      She also talked about playing the piano, and English… what about it, dunno xD

  4. what did aoi yuu said in the intro of bus romance?

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