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September 19, 2008 — 2 Comments

Enter the Dragon - PosterYes! Amy grew up with this film. I was VERY little, and my dad, being a feverish Bruce Lee fan, taped Enter the Dragon (Operación Dragón) from a broadcast at Panamericana Television (aka. Canal 5). I still remember the Spanish dub… “PANAMERICANA TELEVSION… PRESENTA!” said the voice in off, “Operación Dragón, con Bruce Lee.” – Of course, I became a feverish 4-year-old Bruce Lee fan~ My grandpa was also a fan… he even named my little cousin “Xiao Long” (FYI. Little Dragon, Bruce Lee’s Chinese name), and yeah~ I KNEW the lines… I still KNOW the lines in Spanish.

Kick me. Kick me.
What was that? We need emotional content. Try again.
I said, emotional content, not anger. Now, try again, with me.
*kicks, kicks*
That’s it!

xD, You know that scene… with Bruce Lee and the student? Right before they try to recruit Bruce to go to Han’s island??

Patéame. Patéame.
¿Qué fue eso? Mayor emoción interna…
Mayor emoción interna! No ira, otra vez, tonto…

I used to say those lines over and over when I was little. Yes, I was a bizarre kid. I also used to *imitate* the beginning fight with Bruce Lee and the chubby fighter!

Don’t think. Feel…
It is like a finger pointing to the moon… xD

No pienses! Siente…
Es como un dedo que apunta a la luna….

The Spanish dub for me is a classic, ha! I always laugh when I remember the Old Man had a Spanish-Chinese accent. “Debo contalte soble tu hellllllmana” xD

There are so many memorable scenes from that film, like Ohara’s martial arts video demonstration, the cocky contestant that gets to try Bruce Lee’s Fighting Without Fighting technique, the introduction of Bolo! The apples with flying daggers~~~ Han and Bruce’s mirror FIGHT! THE MIRROR FIGHT!!! I used to get SOOOO scared and excited over it xD Well, I still get goosebumps from it~

Apparently I was a 4-year-old watching an R-rated film, where er… there was female nudity, some bloody scenes, suicide to… save your own life? And female… entertainers? xD Okay, courtesans? xD

I also played with my dad’s nunchucks, and there was this wooden-snake that my cousin bought in some trip, and I used to use my pillow case like Bruce Lee with the snake on the secret entrance. HA! Moreover, at the beach, I would use the sand as the people in Han’s island with the toasted pebbles and such~

And thus, my life was deeply marked by this film… and will always stay in a special place through it.

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    I can just see it, a little Amy playing with her daddies nunchucks! KAWAII!

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