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September 21, 2009 — 1 Comment

I was struggling on who to pick as my #10 Actress, but I finally saw Miao Miao, so I thought to give the spot to Sandrine Pinna (or Chang Yung Yung). It’s an interesting choice for me because I’ve only ever seen her on this one film, but I’ll trust my gut instinct on this one… after all, I couldn’t really resist her charm on the first 10min of the film.

Sandrine Pinna - Chang Yung Yung

*EDIT* I had to change the other image because
it turned out NOT being Pinna. LOL Forgive.

Chang Yung Yung is a 22-year-old Taiwanese actress of French/Chinese ascendancy, and has already been recognize as a newcomer with nominations at the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan), and the Asian Film Awards (across Asia). She recently won Best Actress at the Taipei Film Festival for the film Yang Yang – but I can’t tell you much about that because I haven’t really seen the film.

With so little information on her, how on earth did I decide to include her? Call it the “you just know” factor. Miao Miao is a far from perfect film, but Pinna had that something special that takes you back into the film, whenever you think you can’t continue. It’s a charisma that very few actress/actors possess nowadays. It’ that “it” that made me include her in my #10 spot. Who knows.

Miao Miao Poster

Plus, she looks completely different in my search for photos, like some different person.

Sandrine Pinna - Chang Yung Yung Miao Miao Still Miao Miao Still

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