Camouflage – Aoi Yu x Yottsu no Uso

July 9, 2008 — 3 Comments

Almost a month ago, I blogged PRICEY! xD OMG, has it been almost a month already?? A month of pricey-ness~~~ which includes Photobooks. Which includes me buying those photobooks. Yes, those 3 photobooks (except for Travel Sand) are in PROCESSING status on – And I’m hoping that I don’t get an email saying they can’t find the Rhythmedia Photobook entitled Dandelion, because that one already shows up as OUT OF STOCK. But it wasn’t out of stock when I placed my order, so there you go~~ I also bought Travel Sand from another store, but I won’t post where until I complete my order successfully. xD

Anyway, July 16th is coming soon. That’s the day when Aoi Yu x 4 Lies CAMOUFLAGE weird thingy series comes out. I like weird, and I like artsy fartsy~ and apparently the show wasn’t so popular, but people IT WAS GOOD. But it’s not for the masses… le sigh. Will my Yu sacrifice the artsy for commercial? I don’t want her to stop doing projects like Camouflage just because they don’t sell. So AM wondering… should I buy or should I not?? If there weren’t language and region issues, I would so totally buy. BUT there’s such thing as language and regions… Right now, it’s only being released as a Region 2 DVD (Japan, Asia, etc etc) and there are no subtitles listed. In the day of multi-region DVD players, I could overlook the region… but I can’t overlook the lack of English subtitles.

So if you’re Japanese… or are able to watch the show sans-subs because you know Japanese… AND you liked the series, I suggest buying. I can only hope to either learn Japanese fast enough (ha!), or that a version with English subs comes available soon. Here’s the link to

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

3 responses to Camouflage – Aoi Yu x Yottsu no Uso

  1. Heh, I googled “Camouflage subs” and ended up here. The first two episodes were great! With a Mac, it’s been really frustrating trying to download the raw torrents (and my school monitors us and is supposedly very strict with illegal downloading, so there’s also that). I was thinking about buying it but didn’t want to spend, like, $130 on the box set at once. So, thanks for telling me about the separate sets. But it’s gonna cost more in the end, isn’t it?? Sigh. This would be so much easier if another group subbed it.

  2. I’m trying to get it subbed… hopefully next month. xD

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