Photobook Fever

July 3, 2008 — 6 Comments

Okay, I’ve decided! Japanese people are the master of things “must-get”. You’ve no idea how much will power took for me not to click on the “buy” button on – I’ve got Photobook Fever. But Japanese photobooks are just so effing pretty, WORD.

I’m not talking about the calendars, or bikini shots. NEVER. Actually, I’ve never actively purchased a calendar or a celebrity photobook… mainly calendars, because western photobooks are not common. But calendars… my uncle once gave a 98 Degrees calendar (with a 98 Degrees album), but I’ve never bought one. But Japanese stars photobooks make you want to break your bank account because they’re so awfully pretty. I love me some artsy fartsy photos~~ And at the moment I want to buy those three Aoi Yu Photobooks on sale on YesAsia…. le sigh.

Kyou Konogoro – $21.49 *EDIT* – Scrapping this one in favor of Travel Sand photobook.
Dandelion – by Rhythmedia – $37.99
Kaiten Table wa Mutsukashii – $34.75

And holy mother of effing god, Juri Ueno photos…. A Piaciere ($39.49) – Lucky for you, and for me… and photo lovers~~~ There’s these two wonderful Flickr sets online:

Juri Ueno
Yu Aoi

6 responses to Photobook Fever

  1. TVXQ are realising 2 new PB’s and I’m dead set on not buying them. Some line must draws to this madness…..

  2. When I first heard about photobooks, I didn’t understand why they existed. But some of the photographs are so beautiful! I want an Aoi Yuu one.

  3. There are PBs, and there are PBs… Yu does make an effort, I really do like Travel Sand and Dandelion, not a big fan of Kaiten TABURU, but it does have better photos that your average journal.
    And Juri, her A Piacere book is quite outstanding.

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