Travel Sand Teaser

I know I said I wasn’t gonna post any proper scans of the book, but since I wanted to make a new wallpaper with one of my fave photos in the book, I thought it would be good to tease all of you. xD I want that beanie, does any of you know where to get one?? I told my mom that’s her knitting style, but she claims she doesn’t have any idea how to knit a beanie, she said she can maybe make a scarf like that and wrap it around. LOL

Aoi Yu - Travel Sand scan

Photo is not complete because I had to crop the shadow that appears from scanning too close to the spine of it. It is a pretty decent sized scan… the wallpaper is 1680×1050, but I’ve also got a fullscreen one sized 1280×1024, in case you want one… though I haven’t posted it. Original scan filesize is 5Mb. xD

If anyone knows where can I get this beanie/tuque/toque, let me know! In the meantime, if you want to buy one of the caps that appear on the photoshoot:

Mi Vida es a Toda Madre @
God Only Made a Few Perfect Heads the Rest He Covered with Hair –
Hippie Knitted Beanie –

6 responses to Travel Sand Teaser

  1. U know, I feel like totally happy that u are obssesing over Yuuchan, feels like I don’t need to be lonely in my obssesiness of other asian artist. Now U should totally obsses some for TVXQ, come on….Join the red side!

  2. LOL’
    I think I’m more of a movie-theme type of person.

    So, I’ve got a question~~~ which one is the ‘official’ acronym for DBSK?? I mean, I say DBSK because I think Korean Name for Korean Band…

  3. Well in Korea it is DBSK, in chinse and internationally it is TVXQ or TVXfQ in Japan it is Tohoshinki. I say TVXQ cus it is the international acronym…

  4. How many PB’s has yuuchan released? Cus I saw one in yesasia that was released this month. Is it the one u bought? Here is the link:
    Kyou Konogoro

  5. Well, I’m pretty sure she’s got more than 4 PBs, though most of them show up as out of stock.

    The one you’re talking about is one of the last ones, I think it came out this year. But I didn’t buy it coz I read there’s a lot of text, as in interviews. LOL’ So I decided to put that at the bottom of my list, since that would be a good read ONLY if I could read~~ xD

    The one I bought is out of stock in YesAsia, it came out in 2005 and… of course, it’s called Travel Sand. Like a travel diary she did… pretty nifty thing.

    My order in YesAsia includes other two of her books… Dandelion (2007), and Kaiten Table wa Mutsukashii (2008). However, Dandelion already shows up as out of stock… right after I placed my order. LOL

    Of course, I also ordered Juri Ueno’s PB, LOL. Surprisingly, that one is more available than Yu’s. You would think Juri’s PB would fly off the shelves, considering she seems to be way more popular.

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