When Crappy or Weird Stuff Happens to Good People~

July 24, 2008 — 1 Comment

Not really a rant, but weird stuff that don’t happen often have been happening. Well, a couple of weeks ago, maybe two weeks….? I was preparing to eat my Banana Nut Crunch cereal, so I was getting my milk ready on the bowl when *LE GASP* There was a worm in my milk O_O Tiny white worm, I’m such a girl sometimes, I totally freak out. LOL’ More like I get icky, you know…. My mom and I thought it might be the milk, so we threw it all…

Last night, i was watching a Natgeo special on bugs that live in our house and we don’t even notice. Even watching that make me go all itchy, to which my mom replied “Why do you watch then?” x’D Where else can I see a red-eye humongous fly without trying to chase it with the flyswap?

Anyway, later… like at 1am, I went to the kitchen to finish with the rest of the mandarin juice, and when I was pouring that into a glass, I saw another freaky white worm climbing up the wall. I totally mute-freaked xD, my mom was asleep already so I couldn’t wake her up, so I got rid of it… totally made the back of my neck all funny.

Well… now, today! I was totally sitting on the kitchen preparing a new bowl of Banana Nut Crunch, I poured the milk on the bowl and was about to open the box of cereal when I feel something brushing my arm really fast… u know, like the feeling of a leaf that has just fallen from a tree?? Just like that. So I went WTF O_o, I moved around to check the floor, AND THERE IT WAS! A tiny white worm wobbling on the floor… totally lost it! LOL Just thinking about it makes me icky… So WTF, mom and I haven’t found the ‘source’ of this white worm outbreak.

On other crappy news… well, the morning after I went out with my friends, I woke up with a terrible ear sore. It was not outside, nor inside… like somewhere in the middle, but it only bugged me when I opened my mouth. As the young adult that I am, I shrugged it off. LOL’ So I went about my day thinking it will clear off. I woke up on Monday having the same ear sore, and a bit more intensified, so I told my mom and she told me that if it hurt in the morning of Tuesday, that we should visit the doctor.

So we went about our day, had dinner with everyone for the restaurant’s 16th anniversary, and went back home… when I woke up, the same thing with my ear, SO today I visited the doctor. He checked my ears, my throat and nose for any sort of flu/allergy kinda thing. LOL, he told me my ears are WAY too clean… cleaner than average. LOL’ and that my sore on the left ear might be because of a jaw inflammation. He asked me if I had eaten anything hard to chew… or chewed gum. When I told him I didn’t, he thought maybe I had yawned a ‘power yawn’ LOL and it sort of moved from its place!

He gave me some pills to reduce inflamation, so let’s see how that goes. In the meantime, gotta keep those yawns in check xD

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  1. U are cursed girl! Someone sending icky white worms to u by evil power. Maybe doc horrible is behind this??

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