We Love Juri Ueno, But Where’s the Yu Aoi Love??

July 20, 2008 — 6 Comments

I had heard about the Nikkan awards of some sort, which are supposedly based on popularity… and well, I don’t feel up to typing the list of winners, so I’ll be linking to this lovely post that does and even lists the number of votes.

Last Friends didn’t win for Best Drama… that’s sadness. And I was sorry that Eita didn’t win~~ I mean, no offense to Ryo and his Sousuke… but *sighs* Takeru~~

I also understand Juri Ueno wining Best Supporting Actress, though she deserved a Best Actress. LOL’ xD I mean, did any of you watched LF for Michiru??? Really??? Cross your heart on that?? And poor Asami Mizukawa… she was supporting of the supporting~~ *sighs* this world is upside down, I tell you!!!!

Another thing that surprised me was Masami getting the same vote numbers as Yu Aoi. I’ll choose any Yu Aoi over Masami project… LOL, let’s get that out of the way. Do I really want Yu Aoi to win a popularity contest?? Hell, yeahz I do~ But I don’t want her to do so by changing… I want her to keep on choosing weird roles and projects (like Camouflage), and I want her to be known.

I watch Osen, admit it! And I’ll choose Handa Sen over Michiru xD – But Last Friends was the meatier show, while Osen (which I’m still waiting for subs for) is the more chillax of the two. I actually enjoy the Food aspect in Osen, even though I began watching for some ‘comparissons’ to Nodame that I’ve read. Be sure to know Osen is no Nodame Cantabile… but it is quite enjoyable, and has the cute and yet somewhat excentric female lead. However, I can’t stand the Male Lead in Osen. From the first episodes that I’ve seen… I can’t stand him. While you could hate and love Chiaki, I can’t see myself liking Yocchan.

And the intro… I like the Osen intro, I do. I like the red thing that’s going on there and I think that Yu Aoi waving the flag in slow-mo with the wind blowing is the hotness. I could even dig the song, though I’m not in love with it… but it doesn’t seem to have ANYTHING to do with the show!!! LOL xD Take a look yourself…

Okay, totally sidetracked from the award thing to my rant over Osen. The fact is that Osen was not as popular as Last Friends was. They are also VERY different shows, so should their actresses be place in the same acting category? No, I don’t think so. So what am I really ranting?? I don’t know either… but maybe one of you know!

Yu Aoi needs some loving… love her projects, love her photographs, and I hope that many of you will support her career without making her feel she should please everyone. Coz Yu deserves to be a bigger star than she is… more people need to watch her projects, so invite your friends for a viewing of Hana and Alice, or Hula Girls~~ or heck, even watch Rainbow Song, or if you wanna shock’em go make them watch All About Lily Chou-Chou or Gaichu. xD

6 responses to We Love Juri Ueno, But Where’s the Yu Aoi Love??

  1. Well Yuuchan is the hotness compared to masami…this series looks interesting, putting it in my “to watch list”

  2. Yuuchan is older than me for a few months, so it feels weird to me to call her ‘chan’ LOL
    You should totally watch Yu Aoi projects…. points at Hana and Alice.

  3. I saw Osen, I’M IN LOVE!!!!

  4. Of course you are, honey.
    I hope you are talking about Yu Aoi xD
    You have to wait for the new post I’m about to write…

  5. As if I would be quivering for the pathetic that is the male lead….pls is all about yuuchan!

  6. LOL, I’m still waiting for subs so I dunno how it ends, but I hope they didn’t pursue Yu with that dude. I hope they keep following her love for food. xD
    And…. IF, and a big IF, they must follow the shipping path, I think I would choose that other dude… I think he’s one of Yocchan’s sempais. xD
    Not the one who wanted to bathe with her… his comment was just weird. LOL

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