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OMG, pretty haircut~

Continuing with my thing of mixing the East with the West~~~ I was watching That Evening Sun because I had been inclined to watch anything that I saw had Wasikowska’s name in the credits – except for In Treatment because that’s just way too many hours…

We spotted her when we saw I Love Sarah Jane last year — though we haven’t spotted anyone in a long time — we’ve followed her career closely. Unlike many people, I did like her a lot as Alice… as a girly girl that I can be, I got giddy watching Alice… and Wasikowska has struck me as a Mori Girl.

The general definition would be a “a girl who seems to be/live in a forest”, describing a girl who would fit more into a forest rather than into a city.

“She has to like fashion that’s natural, but also a bit quirky” or “She wears a lot of dresses that have a loose or comfortable feeling to them”, to name a few of the opinions. The difficulty is that the girl should like “natural clothes”

And Wasikowska, each time I see her on screen and/or carpets… she strikes me as this dreamy soft-spoken girl. I can imagine her living as a fairy in the forest. LOL I was going to prepare a whole speech on how she’s a Mori Girl, but then I go on research and find ass-kicker photoshoots, which I’ll be posting later on. However, despite those high fashion chic photos… she’s still kind of a Mori Girl, right?

Picspam after the break!

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You know I love Testino. You also know that I prefer his natural light photos, than his high-fashion work… but! There are times when it’s just too good, you know? Plus, it’s got some Carmen Kass!

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Ooh la la, Sr. Testino.

I remember the Thyssen Museum was huge. I don’t even remember what I saw there, I just remember it well because as I always do in my travels, I was looking for a memorable key-chain that would remind me of Madrid. Of course, key-chains are supposed to be cheap, and I always put them in my backpack… that’s my thing, key-chain from whatever city, and/or coins or paper money.

However, in my short time in Madrid I couldn’t find a single decent key-chain that said Madrid. Americans seem to have the best name-of-city key-chains made in China. LOL So… I ended up buying  a super expensive Thyssen Museum key-chain which was about 10 Euros. At that time, probably $15. Frack. That’s why I remember the place.

And for all the key-chains made in China, I was never able to find a decent key-chain there. All I brought home was Yuans, and Hong Kong dollars. xD

But alas, we’re here for Mr. Testino. I wonder if they will be bringing this exhibit here?

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Ahhh, fashion and perfume commercials are the coolest, even if I don’t buy any of it — if I had the money, I’d probably would, because let me tell you… Jude Law hasn’t looked this good in ages.

Of course, this is all about style. This is hustling with style xD Guy Ritchie probably got paid a nice amount, and Jude got a nice check. For some reason, when you do this type of commercials, you don’t end up looking cheap. On the other hand, it seems you gain some sort of “classic Hollywood” status. At least for Law, I mean.

If you need to hustle and are cheap, you end up like this. Or like this,  or this. LOL I’m sorry, I had to post those ProActiv commercials on TV and they were even DUBBED! Badly-dubbed commercials! LOL

Obviously, this is a pimp post.

Fashion (as in clothing) is not my forte — I could fight you on photography, though — but Yu Aoi is the crowned Mori Girl, it seems. And Mori Girl: fashion and lifestyle of girls in the forest is just dedicated to it, I knew about it… but I’m not necessarily what you call Mori~~~ Hmmkay. But Yu is on the site’s header, and she’s been featured on the site a number of times, so I think it’s nice to feature it here for the Yu-chan fans interested in her fashion.

These are some of the posts:

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Yu Aoi in Pretty Style May.2010 <- check the last 3 photos. LOVE. Want bigger scans.
Yu Aoi in Anan May.2010

=D Happy pic spam~