put on some clothes, woman!

September 9, 2007 — 3 Comments

So, just about 20min ago, Britney did her ‘comeback’ performance on the 2007 VMA’s – there is just something that sums up what’s on my mind. WHAT A JOKE! First impression was; EWWWWWW.

She looked terribly wrong in that outfit, and let’s just say she needs to realize she’s not a hot momma, and that she’s a mother of two. She can’t keep wearing this crap and think it’s hot. Looking at her with that outfit was like watching a mom wearing a leotard… just plain disgusting.

Then, after having a first impression and terrible opinion of her wardrobe, let’s talk about the performance. First, I’m not so into the song… but hey! There was still a slim chance she might give a rocking performance… oh, how I wished that! Let’s see… she barely sang anything. BUT, you might say what about her dancing? I mean, 7 years ago she had pretty awesome choreographed dances~ yeah, well… that was 7 years ago.

Nothing is left of her dancing abilities. This time around, she barely moved around the stage, while wearing thin-needle-heel shoes… and when she tried to move in any way that faintly resembled past-Britney, she failed miserably with sluggish movements that looked horrible on screen. I won’t even get into saying how this combination of music, dance moves and wardrobe looked with her new mommy body.

Enough said.

3 responses to put on some clothes, woman!

  1. ahora si quiero ver los mva!!! xDDD pa verla hacer el ridiculo

  2. Ay, naye~

    No es por ser malo… en verdad queria ver su presentacion, lol. de veras, de veritas…

    ella en sus tiempos bailaba chere… sus presentaciones eran memorables, por asi decirlo… a parte de ese beso con madonna (q a la pobre christina aguilera ni le dieron bola) – britney bailo chere en su vma 2000 con su “satisfaction” y su “oops, i did it again” … y tmb bailo chere con nsync…

    pero bueno pes, tiempos aquellos jajaja. los tiempos de puesta en escena son doradas para mi…

    pero ahora si bailo re-contra super duper mal pes, jajaja – a veces parecia q se caia… o sea, britney de you drive me crazy se fue… full power, full energy.

  3. al ver su cara dije ohhhhh, pero al verla de cuerpo entero me kede >,

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