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FML! Of course this amazingness had to be Japanese.

I’ve been looking for a proper way to store things in my bag (and elsewhere) — travelling is now a nightmare while one tries to figure out where to put cameras, phones, ipads, ipods, memory cards, cables, usb cables, chargers, and whatever else you travel with…

Coccon’s Grid-It! is… a pad, an elastic pad which you can use to strap things on. Sh!t doesn’t fall. You can stick it in your bag, or you can hang it on the side of your desk. You can shake it… it doesn’t freaking fall.

There seems to be 8 different sizes — from B6 format to A4 and a long format one — raging from $15USD to $45USD (1299 JPY to 3399 JPY).

You can check all info here.

Not like I have a budget or anything (especially for something Audi xD)… but this bike is NUTS! It’s got elements made of polymers reinforced with carbon fiber, and the motor — which works with a small 48V lithium battery — has the equivalent of three horses of power with speeds of 70-80kmph O_O

Of course, I wasn’t able to search for an easy price… so maybe it’s still in the prototype stage xD~

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I don’t know what is it about Hayato Ichihara (or Christopher Gorham) that I find so irresistible. Must be the kind of boyish charm, huh? I suddenly ran into Hayato Ichihara on NHK (so lucky I changed the channel!) where he talked about his new NHK project, A Tree in the Sun (陽だまりの樹) — adaptation of an Osamu Tezuka manga, and the interviewers asked him about All About Lily Chou Chou, for its recent 10th anniversary.

I don’t remember seeing him in the anniversary pictures [1], but I’m so glad they asked him about it because Yu-chan got a mention by name as well as a very long clip. Natsukashii na~~~

Anyway, I didn’t get much about the interview (of course!), except that he likes tako nigiri sushi (octopus). LOL — Also, Hiroki Narimiya stars in the new show, and he’s another one of my weaknesses~ I find Narimiya attractive when I see him acting on screen (crazy and all), though, not on photos.

My feet are killing me… again, and we just did the famous Taipei 101 building that has the fastest elevator in the world — the Guinness World Record says so — clocking at about 1km per minute or 60kmph.

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Modernist Cuisine

December 7, 2011 — 2 Comments

This trailer is disgustingly beautiful.

And oh-they know it~

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