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No effing WAY.

And the most important thing:

The Cardboard Bicycle can withstand water and humidity, coated with a strong layer of brown and white material, making the finished product look like it is made of hard lightweight plastic and can carry riders weighing up to 220 kilograms. The cost to make the bicycle is around $9-$12 and the manufacturer expects that the cost to the consumer would be around $60-$90 depending on what parts they choose to add on. – source

Water-resistant, light, and cheap? O_O

I’ll pay $90 for that bike. xD

Not like I have a budget or anything (especially for something Audi xD)… but this bike is NUTS! It’s got elements made of polymers reinforced with carbon fiber, and the motor — which works with a small 48V lithium battery — has the equivalent of three horses of power with speeds of 70-80kmph O_O

Of course, I wasn’t able to search for an easy price… so maybe it’s still in the prototype stage xD~

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I haven’t talked about bikes in so long…

Designed by Stanislaw Ploski – it’s so fresh!

Check more pics and info at CycleEXIF

I just had a bicycle spazz.

OMG, High fashion cycling? I’m all over it. I haven’t browse through all of the site, because I’m supposed to be heading to bed, but the few bikes that I could check out are so worth having. Like the Leikier~

So head over to Velorbis, and pick one to give me for any special occasion~ Like the Elechic.

You know I love me wacky bikes~

The clean and striking IF Mode is aimed at commuters of the mobile generation who, until now, may have not considered cycling or folding bikes to be an option. IF Mode avoids oily chains, complex tubes with hidden dirt traps, and the clutter of traditional bike features. Meant for city commuters rather than bicycle warriors, it looks at home folded up on a subway or in an office, like other well designed accessories in your life. It also performs on the street like any lightweight, well-balanced full size bike.

But of course it’s nearly $2.5K – Of course it is, Amy.

Hi, hello there, sweet bike concept?

I would be all over this. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to afford it…

According to Buzz Beast [with more images], this concept has a 240 watt electric motor, and a 25.9 volt lithium battery pack. It also has an 8 speed gear system, and can be recharged in 2hrs.


Check more info and photos at Yanko Design.

I’m totally all over this.


And of course it’s a $2200 special order. LOL
check out some more photos and info over at

It’s currently sold out, but I miss kids riding these. Now all they do is ride those battery mini-cars (some of them are cute, though xD), or just ride those Fisher Price plastic tricycles… or just play video games. LOL


Check it out at James Perse’s site.

Sweet. xD


Designed by German designers, The Mosquito is design for city use, with a lithium-battery-motor that goes up to 50kmph. And it’s easy to maintain too! More details through TheBlogPaper~