Tenga Eggs

January 13, 2010 — 2 Comments

Squishy and Oishii have completely changed their meanings.

Someone at NotCot ran into these Tenga Eggs. Obviously, I didn’t know what they were about until I saw the commercial… but maybe I’m just part of the minority that didn’t know. LOL


Tenga Eggs are made of ultra soft and flexible materials. It can be easily transformed into a sex toy for hours of pleasurable fun that can be then be discarded. – And of course there had to be a Japanese demo. Not safe for public places, not because you see anything but because you’ll burst out laughing, and people will think you’re crazy.

Tenga Eggs are $6 (USD?) for one, and nearly $36 for a six pack.

Of course, multi-use!

2 responses to Tenga Eggs

  1. Oki…
    That is just freaky and so inappropriate but I cannot deny the original and imaginative idea…

  2. I’m so disturb at how kawaii it looks on the outside, and that Japanese video is so so wrong. You do gotta admit that they are way cuter than the “fun” toys women get.

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