To Watch Until They’re 35 – Eita

April 18, 2010 — 14 Comments

Guess who’s #10 on the list of The 20 to Watch Between 25-30?

But it’s, of course, Eita!

Born in Tokyo, Japan on December 13th 1982. He might be unknown to almost everyone, unless you are already familiar with Japanese films and series, but this 27-year-old actor has proven that you should keep on watching him.

His list of films include Aoi Haru (Blue Spring), Azumi, Densha Otoko, Su-ki-da and Memories of Matsuko. Of course, Matsuko as a film works because of so many different aspects including Eita’s ability to make you want to connect with the brilliant Miki Nakatani.

Last year, Eita worked on two films that seemed to be in many of the “best of lists” in Japan, including the acclaimed Dear Doctor — by famous director Miwa Nishikawa, who wrote and directed Yureru (Sway) — as well as the seemingly popular April Bride, directed by indie acclaimed director Ryuichi Hiroki.

Add to that his recurring role as Mine on the Nodame Cantabile franchise [headed by fellow 20 to watch Juri Ueno] which sprung not only an 11-episode series, and two television special, but also two theatrical films opening on December 2009 and this month.

There is a certain softness in Eita’s aura that translates well whenever he’s on screen, making him perfect to play the sensible young man. He doesn’t even need to speak a single word, even though you probably would need the subtitles to actually understand what he is saying [unless, of course, you speak Japanese], but whenever he’s in a dramatic scene… all of that doesn’t matter. He’ll deliver the goods in a way that language would really not be a barrier.

Very few [men or women] can captivate you like this.

14 responses to To Watch Until They’re 35 – Eita

  1. *humps the photo*
    This is my bias talking, but my bb should be higher up!

  2. btw, I am so tired of that haircut!

  3. Bias aside… LOL you know I try my best not to be biased.

  4. I agree my favorite male actor should be higher.

    Spent my Sunday with Rei, and Ryuuji, then Ruka and Takeru. Yes, I have a bias, because I will watch anything he does.

  5. Ruka and Takeru were my dream pairing. OMG, I love those two.
    So I suspect you’re watching Sunao ni Narenakute?
    I really hate the “Hard to Say I Love You” title though. xD

  6. Haha, not watching any drama’s except for Dong Yi. We are working on two drama’s this season, so all I have time to do is fansub since I am the timer, typesetter, QCer and encoder. I had a rare Sunday off, but now I am back to work timing, then tomorrow it is typesetting and QC, then rinse and repeat. I will probably wait until ep 5 or 6 before I watch it.

  7. Loads of fan work. I watch too many films and American TV, so I barely have time to watch any other dramas. I should really make time to begin watching subbed episodes of Ryoma-den considering Yu’s scheduled appearance. I mean… playing a Geisha? I’m all over it. LOL

  8. I have totally give up on American TV, other than the rare episode of Flash Forward to see Yukp. Ryoma-den is at least being subtitled, but I want to see the guy do half of it, before I will start watching. I think Dong Yi is my favorite drama right now. I really think Han Hyo Jo has improved enough as an actress that she can carry a show, and the writing is interesting.

    I just hope Heiwa will move quicker cause I want to see Juri-chan!

  9. I loved Ueno-Eita duo, but I really want to see him playing with Yu in a movie or drama though. Like in this ad hohoho

  10. Those DoCoMo ads, awwww
    I think everyone agrees xD

    Bill, I might agree on most network series [except for Glee and Modern Family], but cable TV is really good I think. I mean, you can really rely on HBO, AMC and Showtime to deliver =D I don’t even know if AMC or FX are cable.

  11. Glee is good, though not my thing as I do not listen to English music, and I do not have cable TV. Pretty much have given up on watching all TV unless it is Asian. Just no time. When I have it, then there is something to time or typeset.

  12. La primera vez que lo vi fue en “Sapuri”. Ahora mismo está protagonizando “Sunao ni narenakute” con Jaejoong aunque su audiencia puede levantar.

  13. Oye, oye… xq los signos de interrogacion? xD
    Los quitas para no tener q pasar aprobacion nuevamente?

    Si, estoy viendo Sunao xD aunq no me desespero tanto como el Last Friends.
    Espero los subs para el ep02 =D

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