Vampire in Vancouver

May 14, 2010 — 6 Comments

Okay… Vampire is more than a meh title… but you know, even if it’s a film in English, I’m all for keeping the name as “ヴァンパイア” [VANPAIA] — but hopefully this is just a working title — LOL Because you know I’m all for Shunji Iwai and Yu Aoi in anything they might do together… but that is so generic a title.

Nippon Cinema [Bloody Disgusting, and Just Jared, without mentioning Yu…] are reporting new casting decisions for the film. Alongside Yu Aoi, Kevin Zegers and Amanda Plummer, whom I have already reported on, there will also be roles for Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That), Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, and is from Vancouver), Trevor Morgan (Mean Creek, Jurassic Park III), Adelaide Clemens (whom I don’t know), and Oscar-nominated Keisha Castle Hughes (Whale Rider, The Nativity Story).

I had totally forgotten this will be shooting in May, so this explains why Yu Aoi was missing from the FLOWERS premiere that other day everyone got blasted for those dresses. And I seem to be the only one who noticed.

I have always had a soft spot for Leigh Cook, even though I haven’t followed her career. I do know she was involved in a project [with Dove?] about self-esteem and body image across schools in the US. And I totally love Whale Rider, so I’m thrilled to see Hughes hasn’t stopped acting after she got pregnant.

Kristin Kreuk… I have the notion, because everyone keeps telling, that Kreuk is hot. I know. I get it, but man… her acting? I mean, how much of a suck was Chun Li?

And finally… Trevor Morgan, who has always played the bully. In my mind… I can only think of Empire Falls and Mean Creek, and he’s a bully in both, isn’t he? He’s an okay actor though.

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  1. What is with all these horrible name choices lately?…Yesterday we get, “MUBI”, now a totally uninspiring, unimaginative name like “Vampire”?!? Maybe Shunji went through the same Marketing company as Efe did.

    I’m still wondering how Yu is going to be used in this film. She’s the only non-english speaking actor/actress that was announced. What do you think Amy? My guess is that she’ll be a suicidal Japanese exchange student? Or perhaps she’ll just learn how to speak english for her part?

    We should totally be in Vancouver right now stalking Yu and Shunji!!!

  2. A part of me would love her even more if she speaks fluent English.

    I’m aware that on her Dandelion PB, she credits the Russian translators, and that on Travel Sand, she doesn’t credit anyone as translators… so maybe, she does speak English (or someone like Yoko-san or the stylist does, at least). So that’s my hope, I wish for her not to be a cameo… xD

    At least a supporting character, you know she can still a whole movie with just that. So I can be happy with that.

    We totally should be in Van. I got someone there who also likes Yu, she’s already onto it. LOL

  3. Hey, check out IMDB's "Vampire" page,…Yu's character is being called Mina. So since she was given a name, I think we can rule out a cameo role.

    Also I noticed that "Katharine Isabelle"(Ginger Snaps) has joined the project…now that's good casting!

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