Mario Testino at Museo de Arte de Lima

May 14, 2010 — 3 Comments

A while ago Mario Testino opened his show Portraits for the first time here in Lima, Peru to re-open the Art Museum in town. Even Kate Moss showed up for the opening of the show – color me surprised.

As Lainey would say, I would cut a bitch to get my Mario Testino book Portrait — which I bought years ago, FYI — signed. But you know… things like that are hard to do. But my mom keeps telling me if Mario Testino shows up, she so totally will get my book for signing.

And, well,  since no cameras are allowed inside, I couldn’t take any pictures of show… even worse with a Nikon big-ass lens camera. So this will have to do~~~

Since I already (and only) own Portraits — which was 3 times the price I paid for my copy — I ended up buying the Diana, Princess of Wales book, because I’m a sucker for those photographs. The natural light, it gets me. I’m pretty much sure I also overpaid for it, but oh well~

And then comes the news that Kate Moss (the book) by Mario Testino, in limited edition of 1500 signed copies of a little over 120 pages, will be 350 Euros and/or $472 USD. I mean, F*ck me twice on a Sunday~ You know I’ve been dishing a bit too much dough purchasing Photobooks, but 350 Euros? Damn.

Anyway, exhibit was… well, what I expected. There was a funny moment in which I saw a portrait of Jennifer Aniston almost facing Angelina’s portrait which was next to the Brad portrait.
Coincidence or conspiracy? xD

3 responses to Mario Testino at Museo de Arte de Lima

  1. Fui a la exposición por abligación pero me gustó, me llamó la atención la fotografía de Jennifer López con sus mascotas, a mi lado estaba una señora que sabía de iluminación y todo ese rollo y me estaba explicando que técnicas usaba Testino, por poco me robo la fotografía de Jude Law.
    PD: No le presté atención a la ubicación de las fotos de Aniston ni a su enemiga.

  2. jajaja! q suerte la tuya!
    el mio no tuvo explicacion xD

    era mas como una adivinanza… o
    un ejercicio de memoria xD
    xq mi tia no le salia el nombre de nadie…

    *apuntando a la foto de Salma Hayek*
    y ella, quien es… dime el nombre ah!

    respuesta: la mexicana!


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