Shunji Iwai’s Vampire Trailer + Japanese Trailer

I really don’t know how I missed this trailer.

I mean, it’s got Yu-chan’s line in ENGLISH… broken English, but HER LINE IN ENGLISH. And it’s nearly a year-old video post, and I never knew. And NOBODY told me. T_T That’s the most depressing part.

I had talked with people who had seen Vampire already, and they’ve told me that Yu-chan’s part is small… but memorable (but maybe they’re a little bit biased). In any case, I’m not guiding myself by the reviews that came from Sundance because most of them… they were expecting some other movie about vampires.

I’m posting this today, because Vampire just got a Japanese release date — September 15th this year — but i can’t find an upload for that version on YouTube, so here’s a link to Wildgrounds.

Of course… all things considered~ the Japanese trailer is obviously misleading because there’s so much Yu-chan in it. xD So watching BOTH trailers has probably spoiled most my Yu-chan viewing in any case. LOL

Also, to note~ the movie doesn’t seem to have been actually shot in Vancouver, but on the outsides of it. Not like it’s much of a difference. And apparently they also shot somewhere in Ontario.


I had never seen Kristin Kreuk like that before. I’m kinda digging her suicidal look… O_O and I find that incredibly disturbing.

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  1. Hi Amy, it’s been a long time I haven’t commented your blog. I just want to warn you that the film is actually very bad. I watched it one year ago during Montreal’s Fantasia Festival and if I wasn’t expecting a remake of “Hana & Alice” (of course) nor something like “Twilight” (I would have hate it), I didn’t expect something so pretentious, dark, clumsy and so on. I have to admit I don’t like cynical dark movies depicting the pervert dark corners of our societies. However, even from a cinematographic point of view, this movies sucks and I’m still waiting for someone who had actually seen it and could explain to me why it’s a good movie.

    • I know, I’m wary. xD It’s not like I loved Iwai-san’s first deep in the English language on New York I Love You, either. xD But I do like dark movies that are cynical – it depends on my mood, of course. If it’s a movie that’s very different from where I stand, I would consider it good if it manages to make me interested in the character.

      If I like it, I will try and explain why it’s a good movie. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, though! I miss seeing Yu Aoi fans around. xD

  2. So I’m looking forward hearing from you :-)

  3. Here’s a good review of the film:

    If the movie is as “pretentious” as All About Lily Chou Chou, I think I’ll like it.

    • Hahaha, the thing about Lily Chou Chou, though, it’s that it had an amazing evocative soundtrack and gorgeous photography by Noboru Shinoda. xD

  4. Yep, and Noboru Shinoda passed away 8 years ago. I’m afraid Vampire has nothing to do with Lily Chou Chou (a wonderful movie in my humble opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to discourage you to watch the movie but you might appreciate it better if you don’t have too high expectations.

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