Yu is Depressed on Vampire

May 12, 2011 — 5 Comments

Yesterday was a good day to be a Yu-chan fan.

*cough* subs for Raiou are out.

The YAM Magazine Weibo account was flooded of Hana & Alice talk – I still don’t know why, but I can’t complain.

And Acerk messaged me with news of two stills from Shunji Iwai’s Vampire featuring Yu.

I was really excited.

She looks quite depressed, right? Can’t wait… even if it’s a short role. According to IMDb comments (which were asked by Acerk), Yu’s got a short but important role… and apparently she speaks English. I want this to be out on DVD already.

5 responses to Yu is Depressed on Vampire

  1. I’ve read a synopsis, looks very interesting, those looking for a “true” vampire movie will be disappointed. Seems the vampire theme is more like a metaphor for being drawn by and to death…
    Yu’s character is called Mina (witty wink wink)

    • @nill, yeah. A lot of the reviews coming from Sundance were disappointed, but those few who were waiting for a Shunji Iwai flick gave the film a positive review. I’m dying to see this.

  2. yes, first Iwai movie in years !! Longing for it

    nb: (Amy, I was hoping for some CD for Xmas but you forgot! no hard feelings though, lol. Well, if some day you can find the time…)

  3. Haciendo la previa, calentando motores. Pronto en polvos.

    • @GD, hmmm – deberia poner mi puesto en Polvos xD “Coin de Rue” LOL

      Aun estamos esperando fecha de estreno en Japon (y USA), y luego recien a esperar el DVD… LOL

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