Okaeri Cups – Last Friends!!

June 4, 2008 — 14 Comments

As the weird obsessive fan that I am, you might not find my dying for these cups weird. Anyone watching the show must have noticed and over-analyzed the meaning of the cups… so INSTANT LOVE! For those who don’t know, Okaeri Cups or the Welcome Home Cups are heavily featured on one of Japan’s favorite dramas of the season, Last Friends.

Okaeri Cups - Last Friends

And as my preference (and my dad’s) for Juri Ueno, we have a certain preference for Ruka’s blue cup (of course, marked by my swirling hearts). For certain, for otakus of the show who are not ass broke like me. LOL

You can find the cups  at the FujiTV shop Online. Prices on US$ are roughly, $15 USD for the Tall Cups (that belong to Ruka/Michiru/Takeru), and $18 USD for the Latte Cups (that belong to Eri and Ogurin). Pricey! ain’t it??

14 responses to Okaeri Cups – Last Friends!!

  1. 15 bucks is not pricy when u are a true fan. I just spend over 100 bucks on MM and Fahrenheit goods.

    And yes I’m back!

  2. Is there a way to acquire those cups outside of japan? I’m not sure how often I’ll check here so please reply to my email :) Thanks!

  3. I forgot to answer this question publicly. Okaeri Cups are only available in Japan, so if you wanna get them you and not live in Japan, you have to go through a 3rd party website that will charge you a fee (most likely 10% or something give or take) for service and shipment.

  4. Arrrgh~
    I am so interested in these…
    I fear that I can’t tap on my friend in japan for these so… can anyone tell me, how to find this 3rd party website which’ll help me to buy and ship it to germany? x___X
    Thanks in advance

  5. I found a link. It comes from a comment in the ever-growing Last Friends’ Thread at d-addicts
    (click here)

    Link to Japanese Shopping Service.
    link here

    I’ve no idea how reliable the site is, and the stupid URL is hard to remember, LOL… It took a while to find the exact post NE~~

  6. hi i’m from singapore, any if i want to buy it and ship to singapore?

  7. I can only find Ogurin’s cup! Is there anywhere I can get Ruka, Takeru, or Michiru’s?

    • Like I said above, I doubt they’re available anywhere online after this long. The only active links seem to be the ones in Amazon Japan.

  8. I just ordered one on Rakuten. With any luck, they’ll confirm my order! I tried Am. Jpn. but they won’t ship overseas. Bah to me for taking this long to realize that this is by far the best J-Drama I’ve seen. Thanks.

  9. Anybody knows if I can find these cups anywhere online?

  10. If anyone is looking to buy these now, this is what you should use as the search term:

    Y-Yes I’m considering getting them now 16 years after release…

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