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June 16, 2008 — 5 Comments

Wah… That’s all I have to react, Wah~~~ hahaha

So because I’m a dork, I usually try to purchase stuff I really quite like listening or watching, or just for the sake of having it. So, for the past week, I have been totally addicted to Yu Aoi material – Films and Shows – so dorky me went “What the heck?” and I visited to check on DVDs. I watched an episode of Camouflage, which I thought was BIZARRE, but surprisingly good as in “it almost looks like a film” type of show.

The show (also known as Aoi Yu x 4 Lies, or something like that) is told into four 3-episode-chapters (making the number of chapters 12), each chapter directed by a different director, who had no restrains to tell a story centering on the idea of lies.

So I watched it, and thought it was really good, but all episodes are not downloading so I went and looked them up. They’re coming out on DVD (Japan Region, 2) this July 15th, on 4 different sets. However, problem number one! They don’t have English subs. And problema numero dos, each set of 3 episodes is roughly $40USD, making the whole 12 episodes $160USD… roughly, give or take. So my mouth dropped, and profanity came out of it hahaha.

Because of this, I went and searched for Nodame Cantabile (just to check on average prices), which was roughly $240USD for the 11 episodes on the show. LE GASP! My heart broke, my brain cried, and my spirit was broken realizing how broke my bank account would be. Can you imagine?? Buying 3 different Jdrama DVD sets at $240USD each? Lucky, or unlucky for me~~ most of them are not English subtitled. Maybe not knowing Japanese is a perk? LOL’

The good thing is that has some Yu Aoi movie DVDs, but it’s VERY limited… at a reasonable price, but limited. And I doubt they will list Camouflage… le sigh. I might consider buying “Hana and Alice” and “Hula Girls”, though I will be missing Rainbow Song. T_T

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  1. Since I became a jap pop music nerd I have roughly spen about 400 bucks in items (dvd’s, cd’s, PB’s and a t-shirt) When this months paycheck arrives I’m gonna make a huge TVXQ order so I’m gonna have then spent like 500 bucks. I have never ever been this obssesed, like I need to have the stuff. Before I would have just downloaded most of the stuff and buy what I found buy-worthy, but now…not so much. Have I been brainwashed???

  2. It’s just the pretty packaging, n’est pas? All those pretty printed photos in the songbooks and all that extra stuff on their dvds that make your otaku heart go toki doki ne? xD

  3. Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m a sucker for pretty things…. TVXQ is gonna make me spend loads of money cus those boys know how to sell their stuff. evrything they realese is just too good not to have…. Awwwww why me????

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