Kodomo Ningyougekijou – Me lo Contaron en Japon

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This is the first time I ever found the Japanese name of this show. Kodomo Ningyougekijou (こどもにんぎょう劇場) or Children’s Puppet Theater, known in Peru (and maybe Latin America) as Me lo Contaron en Japon.

Though the DVDs are available on Amazon Japan — at a whopping price of nearly $50USD (over 4500 Yen) per volumen at 3 episodes a bundle [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12], which results into over $600USD for 36 episodes. WHY, Japan? According to its Wikipedia page, the show possibly has over 50 episodes, running from 1990 to 2011.

The episodes on the 12 DVD releases are:

  1. Vol. 1 (Japanese Tales)
    • Kasajizo [1] (かさじぞう)
    • The Golden Ax [aka. The Honest Woodman] (金の斧)
    • Jugemu [1][2] (じゅげむじゅげむ)
  2. Vol. 2 (JP)
    • Gon, the Little Fox [1] (ごんぎつね)
    • Warashibe Choja [1] (わらしべちょうじゃ)
    • The Three Charms and Mountain Witch [1] (三枚のお札)
  3. Vol.3 (JP)
    • Tsuru no Ongaeshi [1] (つるのおんがえし)
    • The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter [aka. Princess Kaguya) (かぐやひめ)
    • Buying Mittens [1] (てぶくろをかいに)
  4. Vol. 4 (World Tales)
    • Three Billy Goats Gruff [Norwegian: De Tre Bukkene Bruse] (三びきのやぎのがらがらどん)
    • The Pied Piper of Hamelin [German: Rattenfänger von Hameln] (ハーメルンのふえふき男)
    • The Town Musicians of Bremen [German: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten] (ブレーメンの音楽隊)
  5. Vol. 5 (W)
    • The Little Match Girl [Danish: Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne] (マッチうりの少女)
    • The Ugly Duckling [Danish: Den Grimme Ælling] (みにくいあひるの子)
    • Beauty and the Beast [French: La Belle et la Bête] (けものの城, lit. Castle of the Beast)
  6. Vol. 6 (W)
    • King Midas Has Donkey’s Ears (王さまの耳はロバの耳)
    • The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats [German: Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein] (おおかみと七ひきのこやぎ)
    • The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal (バラモンとジャッカル)
  7. Vol. 7 (JP)
    • Urashima Taro (うらしまたろう)
    • Roly-Poly Rice Balls (おむすびころりん)
    • Bingogami to Fuku no Kami (びんぼう神とふくの神, lit. The God of Poverty and the God of Luck)
  8. Vol. 8 (JP)
    • The Crab and the Monkey (さるとかに)
    • The Wedding of a Mouse [1] (ねずみのよめいり)
    • Yuki-onna (ゆきおんな, lit. Snow Woman)
  9. Vol. 9 (JP)
    • Kachi-kachi Yama [1] (かちかちやま)
    • Ikkyu-san (一休さん)
    • The Young Man Who Slept for Three Years [1] (さんねんねたろう)
  10. Vol. 10 (W)
    • Thumbelina [Danish: Tommelise] (おやゆびひめ)
    • The Fox and the Grapes (イソップときつね, lit. Aesop and the Fox)
    • The Happy Prince (幸福な王子)
  11. Vol. 11 (W)
    • Little Red Riding Hood [French: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge] (赤ずきん)
    • The Last Leaf (最後の一葉)
    • Giza Mimi Usagi (ぎざみみうさぎ) — I have no idea what this is.
  12. Vol. 12 (W)
    • Journey to the West Part 1 (西遊記 第一回)
    • Journey to the West Part 2 (西遊記 第二回)
    • Fushigina Hishaku (ふしぎなひしゃく) — No idea either, but apparently this is by Tolstoy.

2 responses to Kodomo Ningyougekijou – Me lo Contaron en Japon

  1. ¿Hay manera de conseguir los capítulos? (Particularmente The Last Leaf)

    • Si no lo encuentras buscando “Me lo Contaron en Japon” no creo que lo encuentres buscando “こどもにんぎょう劇場” (que solo estaria en audio japones). NHK es particularmente quisquilloso con su copyright en YouTube. Es muy raro ver que alguien suba eso en linea.

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