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I don’t know what Sony is doing. But it’s effing it up, I just know it. Head over to YAM Magazine for the full rant and all track/MV info. I’m just going to put this video on here, and bask myself on the beauty of the music.

We all thought Henry Zuo released a good album. Goddamn~ Su Yunying just blew it out of the park~~~ I know it’s not ideal (physical buy is always the best), but do buy the album on iTunes instead of streaming it. xD

Or, at least, you got your first steps into the door.

Yes, Shiina Ringo music videos are being uploaded on VEVO accounts, as well as Tokyo Jihen ones, at 360p or 480p- BUT, baby steps. They’re pretty good 360p videos, though. They look better than some HD versions unofficially uploaded and ripped from the net. I’m not picky as long as Japan lets me watch the music videos of the artists I like and stops me from worrying whether the video I’m posting is gonna disappear in the next few days.

Speaking of the devil.

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Dear Sony Japan,

I really want to love you, but I understand our complicated relationship. Every time I pull closer to you, you pull away, retreating to your closed existence where there is only fans of your music in Japan and you forget about me, who just like a person who can’t get enough of this mistreatment keeps coming back to you.

I know I need therapy for this one-sided relationship we got going on.

I am hoping that one day (soon, rather than later) you allow me to love you the way I want to. I don’t want ALL of you, I’d be just happy with short PVs… the one or two-minute clips other companies upload. I can deal with that, but not being able to even BROWSE your content while being able to see it uploaded on my timeline seems like an awfully unfair affair.

Yours faithfully,

your unwilling mistress.

I’m just guessing this is Sony’s fault because Dixie Chicks are signed under Columbia which is part of Sony, which makes it part of this whole SME Content region restriction issue. The Dixie Chicks Vevo channel is half locked for me, and I hate it. I’m sorry for the Dixie Chicks, but I fucking hate their channel.

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Frak You, Sony BMG

July 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’m tired of you, and your region restriction.

It’s not only in your channel, but also any channel with artists you signed on? Or any video that has music of your artists? And then you fraking wonder why I get my stuff somewhere else…


It’s not only that you monopolize Michael Jackson… Christina Aguilera, and even Pink, I think and all the other pop acts because… let’s face it, all the record companies have merged into one big butt family with the likes of Arista, LaFace, Jive, J Records, etc etc. You also monopolize Wang Lee Hom’s videos. So Sony BMG, YOU SUCK.

BALLS. I suck at working anything new or worthy with this fanlisting, but I do try to keep up with members. But it’s 3 years since I opened it!! Only 150 members barely though…

As If Fanlisting - 3rd Year

Many or most As If websites are either inactive, or totally gone… HOWEVER! You can still find some activity in Facebook! First, the As If Appreciation Society (who by the way are using the banner I made for my fanlisting, without crediting… balls much?) And there is also… and this is VERY important~ There’s the As If/Et Alors/Asi Somos/Som Aixi on DVD FB group. Yes, you read right… it on DVD.

If you are still interested on the ‘original’ set, you can still sign the petition (which I made) and has over 700 signatures – whoa~~ and where are these people and why aren’t they on the fanlisting? LOL’

Things against the petition, and the whole As If on DVD idea~ copyright music on the show. The show had an uber cool soundtrack, and because of this it probably gets killed by copyright fees of use for the music on dvd format. Just to tell you an example… I wanted to use a Sony Music song in a project in film school once, and this is the info I got.

$200 administration fee payable to Sony Music
Proof of school enrollment as well as proof of class credit
A VHS copy of your film

Depending on the particular recording and the scope of your project, we will determine your total cost.

And that was only for a song use for a weekly assignment TOTALLY non-profit … LOL’ – Of course I didn’t use the track ;) – so imagine how much a profitable project would have to pay. They already pay for the use of music on broadcast, but they will also have to pay fees to have the right to include their already made episodes on dvd… and a +10 dvd copies has a different price range ;) at least in some websites like ‘freeplaymusic‘ which is not so FREE.

So the As If DVD idea is kind of expensive to do, unless you want to swap the soundtrack on the whole series for other cheaper music (like The WB’s Popular did on their DVDs), but you don’t really want that with As If.

Well, this turned into sort of a rant… anniversary rant, but I felt it was time to put these on a post, instead of just complaining on IMDb, and getting people who keep asking the same question. “Why isn’t this show on DVD already?” Because of copyright music… *sighs*

In the meantime, do support the fans As If DVD project. To the lack of actual content, fans do what fans gotta do~~~ we must mess with the status quo, because the status is NOT quo. xD LOL’

Oxymoron MusicPass

January 10, 2008 — 2 Comments

How thick can an industry get?

I got a bunch of e-mails promoting the new MusicPass idea, which brought a very loud “whose brilliant idea was it? No, like… really.”

Dear, Sony.
The idea of music download is that you don’t need to go to a retailer to pick up a copy of an album, and you don’t even have to wait for the retailer to open in the morning.

Well, considering I do most of my digital music shopping at 4 a.m. ~~~~ xP