Sony Music Japan, You Make Me Suffer Sooooo Much

August 27, 2012 — 3 Comments

Dear Sony Japan,

I really want to love you, but I understand our complicated relationship. Every time I pull closer to you, you pull away, retreating to your closed existence where there is only fans of your music in Japan and you forget about me, who just like a person who can’t get enough of this mistreatment keeps coming back to you.

I know I need therapy for this one-sided relationship we got going on.

I am hoping that one day (soon, rather than later) you allow me to love you the way I want to. I don’t want ALL of you, I’d be just happy with short PVs… the one or two-minute clips other companies upload. I can deal with that, but not being able to even BROWSE your content while being able to see it uploaded on my timeline seems like an awfully unfair affair.

Yours faithfully,

your unwilling mistress.

3 responses to Sony Music Japan, You Make Me Suffer Sooooo Much

  1. I’m German and we get all sorts of mv’s blocked – not just SMJ’s. It’s sad affair :(

    • I heard American suffer a lot with Japanese stuff. But Shiina Ringo is out of sony/columbia, so I’ve been able to see her uploads since, even though I heard US users have it blocked. But yah- I heard Euro copyright is a pain. Especially German.

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