Yu Aoi x Ayumi Ito for H Magazine

January 9, 2011 — 12 Comments

Please, I finally have found out about this photoshoot. I didn’t really recognized Ayumi Ito on this, since I wasn’t really THAT familiar with her work when I found the pictures, and I was probably too embarrassed to ask anyone about this shoot… because, the photos actually make me feel kind of uncomfortable LOL

And you know I wouldn’t post photos just for posting. I wanted to know, and I finally figured it out.

Whenever I see Yu-chan sharing a photoshoot with a co-star — usually male — it’s weird, like really awkward. I always thought it was a Japanese thing… have no chemistry, or barely touching your co-star. It’s something that worked with Ninomiya in that Tekkon photoshoot, because it’s him… and he’s pretty much sexless to me. LOL

I have no idea if it’s because Ayumi Ito is really REALLY awesome, and that Yu Aoi really gets along with her, but this photoshoot made me re-think my whole “it’s a Japanese thing” theory. Maybe it’s because Yu-chan feels more comfortable doing this stuff with girls — because there’s no sexual tension… or if she doesn’t get along with most her male co-stars. Or maybe it is a cultural thing, and it’s wrong in Japan to see her getting cozy with her male co-star for a shoot~~~

Anyone can explain? Enlighten us~~~

Plus, two of my favorite actresses in a photoshoot? This one could only get better if Juri Ueno was here. I’m pretty sure I have asked for a Yu Aoi and Ayumi Ito film collaboration, they are both great actresses.

Is it me or is Ayumi Ito extra beautiful on this shoot? Her face structure looks pretty stunning on the 2nd pic.

12 responses to Yu Aoi x Ayumi Ito for H Magazine

  1. :Q____ I'd gladly accept a heart failure if Ueno Juri replaced Ayumi Ito in this photoshoot..

  2. =D Juri Ueno

  3. the last picture remind me too much of last friend… which would have been better if they replaced Ayumi by Ueno. just saying haha~

    • Ha! All you guys! All ganged up against Ayumi Ito xD

      I thought you were going to say something like "yu aoi would have been better in Last Friends, replacing Masami Nagasawa" xD

      • haha naaa, she's fine! but… :P I don't really like her face expression in this last picture, or her mouth

        hum…. do you really want to see Yu playing the dumb girl… almost too much annoying? (or it was simply because of Masami Nagasawa's acting…) humm…. wait… actually… yah, it could have been better with Yu in the role of Michiru… or not? I'm… not sure anymore.

        • I have a slight bias in which I think she would have played Michiru different. Ho! xD Though without Masami Nagasawa, we wouldn't have gotten that Asami Mizukawa impersonation, which was positively hilarious.

          • haha true true.

            Eri: (impersonating Michiru): Eri okaeri! isshoni…. *ahey*(bigsmile)
            Ogurin: oi oi oi *ahey* ttenandeyo!

          • Mwahaha! That was spot on Michiru.

            Re: Masami Nagasawa
            I recently watched Nada Sousou and Masami was pretty good and adorable in it. I wonder if its because Michiru's character is badly written or Masami's an inconsistent actress, or both?

          • Sadly, Michiru was my first Masami role – so she's stuck as Michiru in my mind forever. But from what people say, I would attribute it to both factors.

  4. Being close to a guy is still supposed to have a deep meaning over here. Actually you also cannot spend time alone with a guy without everyone thinking you're dating (which is pretty weird for my french mind).

    Girls holding hands and being physically close (even when they're not teens anymore) is pretty common, but I barely see guy-girl couples holding hands… so I guess it's a cultural thing.

    • But she totally leaned on Yusuke Iseya for some shoot promoting Honey & Clover, I'm sure xD

      Anyway, thanks for that close-to an explanation xD

      Off-topic… how about those TV show reviews? Hohoho~~~

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