Wow, That Was Good Casting: Grilled Cheesus

January 10, 2011 — 3 Comments

I really meant to post this sooner.

Remember that Glee episode in which we have a flashback of Kurt as a kid with his dad? That was amazing casting, and just to test my theory, I screencapped some bits and showed them to my mother. Her verdict? She thought it was really Chris Colfer as a kid!

So kudos with the casting on this one:
Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer & Robert J. Ulrich ~~~

In fact it was the kiddo Adam Kolkin, who luckily has a pic with Colfer xD

and as a bonus, here’s Kurt in the Spanish classroom — the episode with Gwyneth and Lindsay Lohan es bien loca, no? — with a poster of Peru ;D

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  1. Levanta esta página y actualizala. Más KPOP, más encuestas, más cine del bueno, etc.
    No todo en la vida es Glee.
    PD: Urgente.

  2. ¿Cierras esta página?

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