Tekkon on H – Yu Aoi x Kazunari Ninomiya

July 31, 2009 — 12 Comments

Woah, long time no Yu posting! LOL

I dunno if anyone’s seen this, but it’s a discovery for me.
Je detest lire, et ecrire en francais aussi.
Les accents, je les detest!

Anyway! From H Magazine~~~
Manga mitai ni Ikitai

Something like Comic’06 – Living (or I want to live) like Manga –
or Manga-looking Life. LOL’ Japanese is all about interpretation xD

Tekkonkinkreet is one of my fave Yu projects~

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

H Magazine - Tekkon

All scans taken from sironimo no blog, where you be able to get
higher-resolution scans… so click away!
though, the previous to last photo here, looks a bit blurry over on the other scan.

12 responses to Tekkon on H – Yu Aoi x Kazunari Ninomiya

  1. OMFG fandom crossover!! KYYYAAAHHH
    But they don’t look cute together

    On another note, GD cannot shut up about Yu being his fav woman in Japan, he even has a pic of her on his bed stand…
    That would be a cute yet odd couple….

  2. ur a fan of Ninomiya?
    Well, I hope you’ve seen Letters from Iwo Jima.
    but JE…… ? xD
    Well, they’re supposed to be bro/lil’ bro on Tekkon, Yu playing the lil’ bro of course… haha. Look it up here, I mention how Yu was born to play Shiro on this, haha. It’s hilarious how much they can look alike xD

  3. On another note… it’s funny about G-Dragon xD
    Can’t he really stop talking? xD

    That thing about the photo on the bed stand, kinda satlkerish… xD like his pretend girlfriend or something hahaha. Plus, a photo of ur celebrity crush on ur bedroom… that’s so 14-year-old xP

    Do you keep doing that?

  4. I have them in my cell
    does that count?

    I think Nino is a good actor, have seen some of his dramas but alas not that big Hollywood movie hahaha

    And I think the whole thing with GD
    Well, Yu looks like a very pretty teenage boy….

  5. some funny pictures there. I wish they shot some good movie together. I don’t much about Ninomiya Kazunari but he did an awesome job in Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima.

  6. @Julili, nah cell doesn’t count nowadays… that’d be like me keeping scans of Yu’s photoshoots on my harddisk.

    that whole pretty teenage boy is very fuzzy in Asia. LOL’ – for instance my mom always says Asian boys “tan pal gato” buahaha, but says Yu’s so cuteeeee. LOL That, and the whole “damn, she’s photogenic. I hate her.” Since she always complains she never looks good in photos.

    @nill, long time no see. I don’t know much about Ninomiya either, we’ll have to take the above comments that he’s a good actor on his dramas. xD But yeah, he was good on Iwo Jima but that was an overall awesome movie, totally robbed of any acting recognition just because it was in Japanese.

  7. I stumbled through your site while I was surfing for Aoi Yuu news. By the way, I love this photoshoot! Nino and Yuu as Kuro and Shiro are great in Tekkonkinkreet.

    I actually would like to see these two act together someday. Sadly, I don’t have any plot ideas.

    As for Letters From Iwojima and Ninomiya not getting a nomination, I think his company might not have allowed him to accept the nomination. He belong’s to Johnny’s and Associates, that boyband factory in Japan. They don’t allow their people to accept individual awards if they belong to a boyband.

  8. hi, Hana-chan!
    welcome =D

    I wasn’t particularly talking about Ninomiya’s acting on Iwo Jima, but everyone in the cast. From Ken Watanabe and Shido Nakamura and the rest…

    but I didn’t know he had that deal as a member of a boy band, kinda sucks… but isn’t Ryo on JE and in a boyband? I think he’s won individual awards for his role on Last Friends, hasn’t he?

  9. Hi this is an awesome photoshoot with nino and yu together. i think they are a nice couple ;D Thank you for posting this up amy :)

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