First Look at Yu Aoi’s Azumi Haruko

Last October I reported about Yu-chan returning to the leading-lady gig with Daigo Matsui’s AZUMI HARUKO wa Yukuefumei (アズミ・ハルコは行方不明). Twitter has just shown me a first still. There’s also a music video by Ishizaki Huwie (石崎ひゅーい) titled Flower Vase (花瓶の花, Kabin no Hana) attached to the press release on, but it’s geo-blocked :*(


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  1. Azumi Haruko Teaser Trailer – YAM Magazine - July 29, 2016

    […] As I stated back in October, it has taken 7-8 years for Japanese Yu Aoi to get back on that “leading lady” horse, and she’s doing it with this live-action adaptation of Yamauchi Mariko’s (山内 マリコ) book of the same name. It’s been directed (and likely adapted by) Daigo Matsui (松居大悟), and also stars actress Mitsuki Takahata and musician Ishizaki Huwie (石崎ひゅーい), who also has provided a music video titled Flower Vase (花瓶の花, Kabin no Hana) [MV], which is Japan-restricted :( [1] […]

  2. September Fandom Crossover Musings~ | - A Blog by Amy Wong. - September 16, 2016

    […] working link (no geoblock) of the infamous Flower Vase (花瓶の花, Kabin no Hana) music video [1], which hopefully you can watch here or here (this one comes with Chinese […]

  3. Teaser Trailer de Japanese Girls Never Die – YAM Magazine en Español - November 7, 2016

    […] Como lo hice notar en Octubre, han pasado 7-8 años desde el último papel protagónico de Yu Aoi, y lo hace con una adaptación live-action del libro de Yamauchi Mariko (山内 マリコ). Está siendo dirigido (y posiblemente también adaptado) por Daigo Matsui (松居大悟), y también cuenta con la participación de la actriz  Mitsuki Takahata y el músico Ishizaki Huwie (石崎ひゅーい), quien hace poco brindó un video musical titulado Flower Vase (花瓶の花, Kabin no Hana) [MV], que esta restringido a Japón :( [1] […]

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