Bokura no Ongaku – Our Music – Teppei Koike x Yu Aoi

Once again, aoinohoho!

Not long ago Yu appeared on Fuji TV’s Our Music~
It’s very telling of me, but I only understand when Yu talks about food.
Daikon mochi??? xD Not my fave, but I think my mom likes it…
though they don’t make it like they used to, according to her xD


Found a new upload on Youku~

Part 1 & 2
subs request?

[iframe width=”480″ height=”400″ src=””]

6 responses to Bokura no Ongaku – Our Music – Teppei Koike x Yu Aoi

  1. Teppei is her senior classmate
    Aoiyu had so relaxed to talk with each other
    You would saw a pure girl that you had never seen before
    It’s a very interesting Class reunion :D

  2. senior? really?
    isn’t he younger than her?
    Yeah, I noticed the relax atmosphere, I’ve never seen her this giddy in an interview. She usually speaks very soft and slow – It’s easier for me to understand her.
    The photo with him was hilarious though xD

  3. from what i understood… in the first vid, they talked about high school memories because teppei and aoi were senior classmates (they were desk partners~) in high school. apparently back in the day aoi yuu didn’t talk at all to teppei koike, even though they were desk partners, so to see them talk so naturally to each other was really nice

  4. thank you, charlie =D

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