It’s YAM Time #5!

August 15, 2009 — 8 Comments

Cheap Mambo #5 mention xD

Anyway~~ Here it is!!!
After much liver disease~~~

with Yu on the cover!
Happy early Bday, Yu~


In it, you’ll read more about Harry Potter 6 (against much of anyone’s Harmonian hearts, lol), Transformers 2, Moon (yeah, that last line kills me), and Public Enemies~ Snap! There’s also DBSK concert review, SNSD (which I always get a typo), Bibi, Seo Taiji, Clazziquai, Popular and more~~~

Head over here to download~~~

8 responses to It’s YAM Time #5!

  1. Nice article. What is YAM by the way? Some online magazine?

  2. YAM is a pdf-based bi-monthly online magazine that I work on with the help of my friends, and people I ask online. Anyone is welcomed to send their thoughts on a particular film, album, concert, tv season or even book (no one read this month though, lol).

    You are also welcomed to suggest either a cover story, or an opinion article about a subject (e.i classic films, foreign music). Hmm… what else~~~

    Our first issue had news, but we decided to not focus on it since we were pdf-based and it seemed impossible to keep updated with them. We focus everything on reviews since we seem to watch and listen to pretty much any type of music… West or East~ xD

    You can read the past 4 issues by clicking the YAM tag here or there, and we’ve also got a Facebook group ;P

  3. *feels like a proud mama sending her kid of to school*

  4. YAM FTW!!!
    where the West meets Asia xD

  5. I thought I should mention it’s Yu’s bday already in Japan.
    so happy bday to Yu xD
    feliz cumpleanos a Yu~~~
    otanjoubi omedetou!

  6. Hello,
    I’m hito, Julili’s friend; the who who travelled with her to see Tohoshinki in Japan ^_^
    I read the magazine and must say I’m impressed with it. All from layout to editing is neatly done. It’s truly a professional work.


  7. hey!
    nice to “meet you” – thanks for your comments
    if you want to write anything, you can ;P

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