Taeyang – I’ll Be There

I didn’t love his debut, and I don’t love this song. However, we’re here to talk about the concept of his video. Obviously, this has tints of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and BackStreet Boys’ Everybody. And I could even argue it also has some 5ive’s Don’t Wanna Let You Go. It’s the whole mansion, goth, death thing going on, with choreography… which I’m down with.

I wish Taeyang had commited to the look. As it is now, it just looks like the girl wakes up from a wet dream, I mean… hot Taeyang is singing/whispering to her while she’s sleeping. In Thriller, MJ committed to the zombie look… in Everybody, Nick committed to the mummy look, Brian became a silly werewolf, Howie was a silly vampire, AJ was the Phantom, and Kevin was Mr. Hyde. Taeyang should’ve commited to a less-Taeyang look.

The choreography was oka-ish. It was really well edited on the first few seconds of the dance inside the mansion, but the dance in the cemetery was kinda boring.

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